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Atomic Bomb 1 Essay

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Lily Q. 3.11.12

The dropping of the atomic bomb over two major Japanese cities was and is a highly controversial topic. Some didn’t approve because it would mean the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Others fully supported it because they felt it was a necessary factor in getting Japan to surrender. This essay will strive to find and uncover both these areas.
The author provides many good reasons why the atomic bombs were justified. He starts by defending Roosevelt’s bloodthirstiness. Many years ago, Roosevelt objected to the killing of civilians, believing it to be immoral and inhuman. But after the attack at Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt ...view middle of the document...

The bomb was used to save the eventual deaths of more people. Another reason for using the bomb also would result in sparing civilians. General Henry Arnold had a plan for Japan that was “a conventional bombing campaign…the likes of which the world had never seen”. Another Arnold, General Hap Arnold, started a thousand-bomber raid on Japan and would’ve continued if it weren’t for Truman’s announcement. If the bomb hadn’t been used, more people could’ve been killed by the continuation of the air raids. The “thousand-bomber raids were more deadly” and the great contribution of the atomic bomb was “to give the people who were running Japan, the military, an excuse to quit”.
Even though many of the points the author brings up are valid reasons why the atomic bomb should be used, there are also points that attempt to but don’t fully support the decision. One of these points revolves around a planning paper that Colonel Goodpastor wrote and later forgot about. When a Japanese television crew came across this, questioned Goodpastor, and heard an explanation, it is said that one crew member thanked him, along with the rest of the American people, for using the atomic bomb rather than the proposed plan. This is supposed to justify the use of the atomic bomb and while it looks like it does, it does not represent the entirety of the Japanese people. This man might be able to accurately speak for the rest of the television crew but his opinions certainly cannot embody the opinion of the rest of Japan. A second mistake can be found in the...

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