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Attack Prevention Essay

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Attack Prevention Paper- Internal Attacks
March 17, 2014

Attack Prevention Paper- Internal Attacks

It is no secret that companies spend a majority of their security budget on protecting they’re networks from attacks. Security monitoring is a major key to any successful company or organization. With so many attack vectors and vulnerabilities, management in most organizations has made security the number one priority. Security monitoring involves a wide array of functions, and while the routine security analyst may attribute the security breaches to external attacks, most breaches are internal, because of lack of training or end user negligence.

The first step in protecting a company’s assets from internal attacks is to identify and classify what those assets are. Where they are stored, how it is accessed, and who has access to it, and what controls are currently in place to protect it. The list of personnel should be ...view middle of the document...

Internal Penetration Testing examines the security of internally connected systems. Internal Penetration Testing involves finding known and unknown vulnerabilities from the view of the internal attacker.

Because they have knowledge of internal systems, policy, and server configurations, the internal attacker has the upper hand. It’s hard enough to keep external attackers out; but to keep internal users from gaining unauthorized access to certain areas of the system to gain information makes security that much harder. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) can be a valuable tool to prevent and detect insider attacks.

While the Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), are designed to detect external threats. It can be configured to detect internal attacks as well. The Intrusion Detection System can detect when users access information that are not required for their specific job, as well as any other attacks.

The logging and reporting of attacks by the internal IDS systems can not only be used to detect attacks, but by combining the data from all IDS systems, attack patterns can be identified. Once attack patterns are identified, users who are a threat to security and have been showing unauthorized network behavior, or who are doing anything that is against company policy. Once these users have been identified, action can be taken to prevent intrusions.

Although insider attacks are a challenge for security administrators, they can be detected by various types of IDS systems. Understanding what an insider attack is and how it can happen will help to identify potential threats and how to best prepare defenses against them.

These articles discuss what many organizations face on a daily bases. Recent news events show how vulnerable our own government was to an internal threat. The Security breach at the NSA proves that our government and companies need to be more vigilant when it comes to internal attacks.


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