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Attitude And Allies Essay

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Attitude is mirror of our mind, what we think is shown by how we act. They reflect thinking. We don’t need language to say’'I envy you”, or “that im hungry” people speak all this without a sound. You can read the mind of your friend, just by his expressions and mannerisms, and only you can you do that evrytime!!!!!!!
It’s even shown by the voice tone and inflections. If a secretary says “good morning, mr.A’s office” in just five words we can interpret two different meanings just by her tone. She may have said in a very enthusiastic tone which tells that she is glad to attend your call and that she thinks that you are important and she like her job. Whereas the ...view middle of the document...

It has always hold true person who lack enthusiasm can never develop in others but an enthusiastic person soon have enthusiastic followers .
The best is to find your interest in it how much you know n dig into it deeper to create interest. Certainly in beginning you may find it quite boring but when you get vast knowledge and get it related to what you interested in it will be really interest you . Secondly live it up when you do hand shake make the other person feel that you glad to meet him . smile with your eyes don’t show a sorrow face as everyone tends to ignore , show few teethes might be they not attractive but that doesn’t matter people look forward to warm enthusiastic personality .
Making important
This is human nature having paramount significance , whether he or she is ignorant , brilliant , young or old ,all have one desire “to feel important” . It’s a non biological hunger . It’s a basic tool to success when you want to be recognized get important you start working more prominently .when people exhibit the attitude “you are nobody. You mean nothing” but here...

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