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Audie Murphy, American Soldier Essay

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Throughout Texas history Audie Murphy has always been recognized for his achievements of leadership in the military services. He has set many standards for today's American soldiers. Audie Murphy is the most decorated American soldier and will never be forgotten because of his courage. His younger years, travels, and honors have become major attributes to today's American history.Audie Murphy's younger years were full of good times as well as hard. Audie Murphy was born in Hunt County, Texas (Simpson 15). Hunt County is in the northeastern part of the Lone Star State, some fifty miles below the Red River that separates Texas and Oklahoma (Simpson 15). Audie Murphy, named after a neighbor, ...view middle of the document...

These houses were sparsely furnished and devoid of all conveniences, sanitary, and otherwise (Simpson 18). Most of the time they lived in Celeste (1933-1937) where they were on relief. The local Baptist and Methodist churches often provided the destitution family with food and clothing during those dark days of depression (Simpson 19). The Murphy family were also malnourished. Their daily diet consisted of monotonous fare of biscuits, cornbread, and molasses with milk and gravy (Simpson 18). Occasionally the family enjoyed hog meat, fish, and game. The family only owned on unit of livestock, a cow. The poor family struggled to keep clean as well. Water for bathing and washing, was carried from near by creeks, tanks, and ponds (Simpson 18). No plumbing or electricity was available and drinking water was obtained from cisterns. Coal, oil, and kerosene lamps were used for light (Simpson 19). It is strange to imagine that a man remember for his impact on Texas history lead such a life of poverty. Audie Murphy's interest in the military blossomed early and continued throughout his life (Simpson 45). Audie Murphy is reported to have said, "As long as I can remember I always wanted to be a soldier." After the death of his mother, Audie Murphy was more than determined to enter the armed services (Simpson 45). On the day Pear Harbor was bombed, December 07,, 1941, he wanted to join the services right away. Audie Murphy was seventeen at the time, although he look like he was fifteen years old (Simpson 45). In the Spring of 1942 he tried to enlist in the Marines and the Paratroopers. Neither recruiting office would accept him because of his height and weight. Audie Murphy, rejected by the services of his choice, turned to the army infantry. He was not able to convince the Greenville recruiting office that he was eighteen years old. He was later able to present a notorized affadavit attesting to his age and a certified copy of his birth certificate and was accepted. Audie Murphy passed his physical examinations with flying colors. His eyes checked 20-20, and ears and teeth were one hundred percent (Simpson 46). This is where Audie Murphy's military career began as a member of the Texas National Guard.Not only did Audie Murphy travel throughout his childhood, but also throughout his military career. His military travels began in North Africa. February 20, 1943, Audie Murphy arrived in North Africa moving towards Tunisia (Simpson 65). Rommel's first blow fell on Saint Valentines Day, 1943. The Young Texan was fortunate enough to be assigned to the third infantry "Rock of the Marne" division (Simpson 65). This was also known as the "Rock" or "Marne Division." The soldiers in this division were referred to as "Marnemen." In World War I the marnemen earned nine battle honors. Thirty-nine of the marnemen, including Audie Murphy, earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. This medal authorized them to wear the green and red fourragere, France's highest unit of...

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