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Audience Analysis Paper

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Audience Analysis Paper

Adrian Perez

Business Communication

Kelly Parker

Audience Analysis Paper

In any organization or business, different types of meeting will take place with the organization which will involve different situations. It is critical to prepare for a business meeting especially when it involves stakeholders, your managers, salespeople, and customers. The main key to a successful meeting regardless of what is being presented is communication. How will the message be received? What type of audience will be attending? Is the message effective? All these points are important when ...view middle of the document...

When presenting any material especially to stockholders, managers, salespeople and customers you have to be professional at all times.

After having this in place, values, beliefs, goals and lifestyles of the audience are the next characteristics to consider. Knowing what your audience finds important allows you to organize information in a way that seems natural to your audience and to choose appeals that the audience will find persuasive (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). To analyze the organizations culture and the organization’s discourse community, ask questions to yourself about the organization itself. What is their mission? What type of environment is the company in?

For a meeting that requires presenting quarterly sales information, two communication channels are required. A communication channel is the means by which you convey the message (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). For this particular meeting, the message will be part written and part oral. The sales report can be shown on the company’s websites or even by giving every individual a copy of the report. Since this meeting involves internal and external audience, it is important that everyone understands and receives the message. Visuals should be considered as well as maybe videos. Everyone in the meeting has to be on the same page, which means message has to be clear and easy to be understood. The sales report is usually done once a month. This report summarizes profitability within the company. It is important to build goodwill, meaning a good image of yourself and of your company.

While trying to build a good image of the company, diversity plays a big part. Remember every organization has different cultures, which involves different people of different age, religion, class and race. ...

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