Audit Summary For 3 Companies In Malaysia

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NUR ADILA AYUB (1100720)
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BACKGROUND | Fast Track Solution Holdings Berhad, was incorporated in 2003, which is an investment holding of multiple subsidiaries in Malaysia. Throughout our various subsidiaries we are involved and provide activities like R&D, ...view middle of the document...

-Chartered Accountants- | THL Wong & Co.-Chartered Accountants- | Hasnan THL Wong & Partners-Chartered Accountants- |
AUDIT FEES | RM12,000 | RM12,000 | RM15,000 |
TURNOVER | RM3,512,210 | RM905,667 | RM1,636,994 |
TOTAL ASSETS | RM10,640,395 | RM7,015,022 | RM6,440,885 |
NON AUDIT FEES | Paid to the external auditors amounted to RM9,000 and RM7,600 respectively. | There was no non-audit fees paid to the external auditors. | There was no non-audit fees paid to the external auditors. |
DATE AUDIT REPORT ISSUED | 26 April 2010 | 26 April 2011 | 26 April 2012 |
TIME TAKE TO ISSUE THE AUDIT REPORT | Four MonthsYear End - 31 Dec 2009 | Four MonthsYear End - 31 Dec 2010 | Four MonthsYear End - 31 Dec 2011 |
YEAR | 2009 | 2009 | 2009 |
AUDIT RESULT | True And Fair View | True And Fair View | True And Fair View |
AUDIT PARTNER INCHARGE | Yet Kiong Siang-Chartered Accountant- | Yet Kiong Siang-Chartered Accountant- | Goh Kean Hoe-Partner- |
AUDIT FIRM | Khoo Teng Keat & Co.-Chartered Accountants- | Khoo Teng Keat & Co.-Chartered Accountants- | TKNP International-Chartered Accountants- |
AUDIT FEES | RM18,250 | RM18,250 | RM25,000 |
TURNOVER | RM9,972,723 | RM8,503,072 | RM10,707,066 |
TOTAL ASSETS | RM19,374,654 | RM19,572,518 | RM11,077,862 |
NON AUDIT FEES | Non-audit fees paid to the external auditors of the Group amounted to RM10,500. | Non-audit fees paid to the external auditors of the Group amounted to RM8,600. | No non-audit fees were paid to the external...

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