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Australia - E-Health, E-Education, E-Government

Digital productivity the next frontier in the economy Smart Societies based on Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments are accelerating, and astonishing innovations will emerge during the next few years as more companies enter this sector and spend money on developing it. AI applications are already being used in healthcare and gaming, to name just two sectors adopting this cutting edge technology. These processes are already underway through global interconnection, facilitated by technologies such as the internet, broadband, smartphones and mobility. More importantly for these particular developments is data ...view middle of the document...

The government sector is also at a crossroads here. Because of their large share in the economy and in national ICT spending governments can drive transformation and innovation in the national economy. Furthermore, like the business market, governments have to face the reality of transformation. For example, the healthcare sector is rapidly approaching a fiscal cliff. Costs attached to healthcare have grown to a completely unsustainable level. Only through digital transformation can we afford to maintain our hard-earned lifestyle. E-Health Efficiency levels in the healthcare sector are among the lowest in the economy – estimated by IBM to be minus 40%. Through e-health $30 billion can be saved over a 10-year period. Healthcare is clearly becoming an area where key killer applications emerge – applications that utilise truly high-speed broadband networks. As the financing of the public health systems in Australia becomes increasingly costly an opportunity exists to lower costs through more effective use of web services for healthcare consumers. With widely available and cost-effective ICT developments in data analytics, M2M and high-speed broadband infrastructure, e-health is enabling customers to benefit from advances in medical technology and medical services. The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) is a key enabler in that policy and a report on these developments is included. While broader economic conditions in Australia remain subdued, spending on e-health solutions is likely to continue. In the report we also list the key projects in Australia. We provide an overview of trials, both publicly- and privately-funded, and initiatives in e-health, with an overview of pilot programs as well. E-Education Education is seen as one of the main sectors that will benefit from developments in the digital economy, but so far the results of adaptation have been mixed. While new ICT gear has entered the classroom it is being used within the traditional classroom learning system. In order to fully utilise these new technologies a true sector transformation will need to occur. Good examples can be seen in developing economies where there are little or no traditional systems in place. There, for example, children are using smartphone apps and the internet to bypass these traditional systems; they are basically using the new technology for self-education. Schools are then adapting to these new circumstances. Freely available educational material from many school and university websites around the world is assisting this development. It is unlikely that the traditional education system will be able to cater for the massive requirements generated by the skills and knowledge acquisition associated with this new environment. Digital adaptation will be needed to break through the old structures. Perhaps far more threatening are the many social and economic changes taking place in society. Not only is the traditional education system...

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