Australian Physical Environments Essay

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Australian Physical Environments
“Australia is a unique continent that contains significant physical diversity”.
Australia is a unique continent due to the climate, fauna and landforms.
Australia is 7,686,850 km2 which is the largest country, in itself, in the southern hemisphere and 6th largest in the world. Its coordinates are 25 00 S, 135 00 E. It is located in the southern hemisphere, south east of Asia and on the Indo-Australian Plate. It is bound by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west.
Australia has a wide and long history, including the indigenous Australians or Aboriginals. These people were in Australia up to 60, 000 years ago. The aboriginals ...view middle of the document...

3 and mean rainfall of 869.4mm. Perth has a very “dodgy” weather pattern as it changes easily without notice.
Australia’s fauna are animals that are very unique mostly due to the heat and dryness. Australian fauna can stand drought and salt. They have an extreme tolerance to most condition.
Kangaroos have an adaptation to the heat as they can post-pone or “put on hold” an embryo until the joey has left the pouch, this is know as diapause. Also the mother has two different types of milk one for a newborn and an older joey.
Koalas have adapted to the Australian climate by eating usually poisonous leaves, which their liver deactivates. Due to their slow metabolism, sleeping for up to 18 hours a day to digesting the leaves of which they may eat up to 500g daily.
Feather Tailed Glider or the Pygmy Glider has a feather shaped tail as to glide through the trees to catch small insects. Because it is very small ranging from 65mm to 87mm it can slip through anything. It survives the heat of the climate by being nocturnal and only coming out at night.
Australian landforms are made mainly due to the weather conditions but mainly wind and rain.

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