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Authentic Leadership Essay

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Assignment 4 Chapters 10 and 11.
Case 11.1 Authentic Leadership Am I Really a Leader?
1. Learning about one’s self is an essential step in becoming an authentic leader. What role did self-awareness play in Sally Helgesen’s story of leadership?
Self-awareness is an extremely important process in becoming an authentic leader wherein individuals not only understand themselves, including their strength and weaknesses but also learn the impact they have on others. Understanding herself just lead Sally into becoming an authentic leader. Through her journey and experiences, she realized her strengths and weaknesses and developed a clear sense of who she was and what she stood for; developed a ...view middle of the document...

She was involved in her work and was not just on the outside looking in. She got involved; this brought respect and showed that she cared about her work.

10.2: Servant Leadership Doctor to the Poor
1. Would you characterize Paul Farmer as a servant leader? Explain your answer.
I think Paul Farmer is a servant leader. I feel like it was his life’s calling and mission to help others less fortunate such as those in Haiti. He put others first.
2. Putting others first is the essence of servant leadership. In what way did Paul Farmer put others first?
Paul put others interests and success first clearly demonstrating to his followers that that their health before his own tasks and issues. His main focus was the health and well-being of those less fortunate and it was obvious in this case study.
3. Another characteristic of a servant leader is getting followers to serve. Who were Paul’s followers, and how sis they become servants to his vision?
Paul’s followers were those that supported his mission and its success. Other followers included those who were treated or could be treated.
4. What role do you think Paul’s childhood had in his development as a servant leader?
Paul’s childhood had an immense impact on his development as a servant leader. I think that since Paul was one of those less fortunate at a young age, sleeping in a van, he understood the pain and agony of the less privileged and could relate to those in Haiti. I feel he had a special bond with those people and it really made an impact on his mission.
Servant Leadership and its importance
Servant leadership as a thought or idea has a family as old as the scriptures....

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