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Autism And Education Essay

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Ana Rosevear
Miss Roberts
Honors English III
18 December 2011
Research Project
1 to 1.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder. School communities have recently been mainstreaming students with mild disabilities into regular academic classes. Each person with Autism is unique and each has unique needs. This goes to say schooling and interacting with normal kids can be difficult for a child with Autism. In order to mainstream a child with Autism, they must meet the requirement of having a low functioning degree on the autism spectrum.
Children with Autism have the ability to perform in a classroom with normal students. There have been studies that show children ...view middle of the document...

” This is a huge problem for people with Autism. They often cannot control their reaction to something that could be so simple. So, for students on task and prepared for their day at school would get disrupted, by a child with autisms, outburst. Some may also include that it is unfair for the other students because the teacher has to comfort an autistic child with the outburst; therefore, the help they need would not fully be there. Then, if the help is not there, students may not be able to succeed that portion of the day.
Treatment of Autism has become widespread among school systems. Educating autistic children can be a challenge though. Autism is a developmental brain disorder that affects social and communication skills. Its symptoms vary widely, but people with autism generally can't understand other people's thoughts, so they aren't able to respond appropriately to their environment and form relationships with other people. Many people with autism also have associated language delays and mental retardation, while others have average or above-average intelligence but the same communication problems. Time magazine stated that, “9 out of 19 autistic children taught for 40 hours a week with behaviorist methods had big jumps in IQ and were able to pass first grade (“A Tale of Two Schools”Time:49).” This was said to be one of the biggest hopes for Autism around the world. There is no one cure for Autism (Laura Sanders). Though there are medications that help with some of the associated symptoms, the major treatment for autism is early and ongoing educational intervention. And that education, for the most part, is the responsibility of public school districts.
Treatment for Autism should not be a priority for public school systems. There are 90,000 people that suffer from Autism, but unfortunately there are only 7,500 places available in specialist schools (“A Tale of Two Schools” Time: 49). Not every autistic student can cope in normal state schools, which should put pressure on states for creating private schools for people with more severe disabilities. Autism poses a challenge for schools because the disorder affects each person in different ways and to different degrees. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires all public schools in every state to provide free and appropriate education for school-age children with autism spectrum disorders like Asperger's. Public schools must prepare a list of instruction goals or specific skills, known as the child's Individualized Education Program, to develop a program based on each child's needs. Most school districts cannot provide adequate specialized services...

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