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Autobiography Of A School Bus Essay

982 words - 4 pages

AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a school bus
I'm just _________(1) ordinary school bus which you always see on the road. Yellowish-orange skin, black-inked words and four old squeaky wheels. Hi! Call me, Ivan, that's a name I put it myself. I'm fifteen, that's old for a bus, you know. I was born _________(2) an unknown bus factory in Rawang. Well, I'm now still on the road, ___________(3) by my savior, Brother Keong, although I still fart dark smoke. Brother Keong loves me a lot. My former owner wasn't him, it was Ah Gui. He didn't _________(4) me well.I was all dirty and making annoying loud noises __________(5) of the wrecked engine He dumped me. I wasn't used _________(6) two years until Brother ...view middle of the document...

Then I am _________(7) a delicious dinner and a drink of milk at night. He has given me a special box with a soft cushion for me to sleep _____(8) and I am very comfortable. He calls me 'Snowy' as my fur is snow white. 1. A. sparkle | B. sparkling | C. sparkled | D. sparkles |
2. A. love | B. loves | C. loving | D. loved |
3. A. found | B. was found | C. was founded | D. were found |
4. A. roam | B. roaming | C. roamed | D. roams |
5. A. is | B. was | C. were | D. had |
6. A. play | B. plays | C. playing | D. played |
7. A. give | B. giving | C. gave | D. given |
8. A. at | B. in | C. with | D. on |
Compiled by: Ms Tan :) | 1. A. a | B. an | C. some | D. the |
2. A. in | B. on | C. by | D. with |
3. A. drive | B. driving | C. drove | D. driven |
4. A. take | B. love | C. treat | D. pay |
5. A. therefore | B. in conjunction with | C. because | D. so |
6. A. for | B. since | C. by | D. in |
7. A. was repaired | B. is repairing | C. repairs | D. repaired |
8. A. As a result | B. However | C. Though | D. Therefore |
9. A. scratch | B. scratches | C. scratching | D. scratched |
10. A. do | B. doesn't | C. didn't | D. don't |
Grandma used to live by herself in a rented flat. My parents had tried to ___1___ her to come and live with us but she refused. She ___2___ on living on her own. One day, something happened that made her change her mind. That morning, we went to Grandma's home to pick her up for breakfast. We knocked but no one answered the door. We even made phone calls but there was no ___3___. Worried, we ___4___ called the fire department. The officers forced the door open. Grandma was lying ___5___ in the hall....

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