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Autobiography Of Myself Essay

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Now I am a student of class XI. I am a girl of 17 years old. I read in Sarsuna High School. But when I look back I see my childhood days. Those days seem to me to be the most precious days in my life. My autobiography is simple unlike others who have achieved great success in life. There is not much to tell about it.

I was born in a remote village in the district of 24 Paraganas (South). I came of a middle class family. I have a younger brother and an elder sister. Ours was a joint family. My parents were simple yet very broad in mind. The faint recollection of my early child life gives me blurred images of my grandfather. He was a school teacher and the villagers respected him very much. The poor and illiterate village people would assemble in our ...view middle of the document...

My grandmother was a typical house maker. She had great love and care for everybody in our family. I miss her loving care even today. I remember when I would fall ill my grandmother would spend many a sleepless night waiting on me. She made it a custom in the family to take the night supper sitting all together. It was a moment of joy and mirth. We the little ones would sit on the ground to eat. But the elder members of the family would eat food sitting at dining table.

The saddest day of my life was when my grandfather passed away. My world seemed to be void. Then I was hardly of ten years of age. I remember I wept very much on his death. It took me a long time to overcome the grief.

My father is a businessman by profession. He is a very person full of life and laughter. I am the dearest one to my father. My father encourages me in my studies. My family culture teaches me many great values. In the modern society where the moral values are eroding fast, my family holds these values high.

Now we have left our old village to settle in the town. Our family now consists of my parents and my brother and sister. In this nucleus family I always miss the company of others of our family. I feel nostalgic when I remember my village life where the sky was unbound, fields were limitless and where blew soothing breeze all the time. I am like a fish out of water in this urban life.

My aim in life is to be a school teacher like my grandfather. I want to be a teacher in village school. The village life haunts me very much. I want to follow the footprints of my grandfather. Even today many villagers are ignorant and illiterate. I want to kindle the light of education and wisdom in the mind of each illiterate villager. If I am successful in my ambition, it would be my real tribute to my grandfather who shines in the sky of my mind like a lodestar.

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