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Automatic Meter Reading Essay

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The basic purpose of metering is to measure how much the consumers utilize power and it tells the total demand of the power required to run the complete electric system of the country. We measure the increasing demands on the power system by energy meters and install new generating station according to the energy requirements.
First, the most common type of electricity meter is the electromechanical induction watt-hour meter. The electromechanical induction meter operates by counting the revolutions of an aluminum disc, which is made to rotate at a speed proportional to the power. The number of revolutions is thus proportional to the energy usage. It consumes a small amount ...view middle of the document...

At the receiver end the data is received by an receiver module and interface it with computer where it store in the data base and then through some software process it is uploaded on net.
1.2 Purpose of Study:
The main emphasis in this thesis is given to the study of automatic energy metering system and billing. In our current system the billing method is not digitalized it requires man power and mostly the provide wrong billing report .So in order to remove corruption in the billing system this system is useful because it is fully controlled by the computer there is no human error expected in it. And we provide billing data on the internet, so it removes the bill dispatching labour and sometimes bill doesn’t reaches on correct address caused delay in billing and sometimes plenty of non-paying bill is on the user ,so it is injustice .So we remove these drawbacks of the prevailing billing system.
1.3 Brief History:
The primary driver for the automation of meter reading is not so much to reduce labor costs, but to obtain data that is otherwise unattainable. Many meters, especially water meters, are located in areas that require an appointment with the homeowner. Gas and Electricity tend to be more valuable commodities than water, and the need to offer actual readings instead of estimated readings can drive a utility to consider automation. While early systems consisted of walk-by, and drive-by AMR for residential.
Remote meter reading (or AMR) refers to the system that uses a communication technique to automatically collect the meter readings and other relevant data from utilities’ gas meters, without the need to physically visit the gas meters. The development of AMR technology has catapulted meter data to center stage of the utility business plan.

1.4 Benefits of AMR:-
The automatic meter reading (AMR) technology is very useful in many applications. By using AMR technology we can accommodate a lot of benefits. Some benefits of AMR are as follow-
1.4.1 Electrical Company Benefits:-
* Smart automated processes instead of manual work.
* Accurate information from the network load to optimize maintenance and investments.
* Customized rates and billing dates.
* Streamlined high bill investigations.
* Detection of tampering of Meters.
* Accurate measurement of transmission losses.
* Better network performance and cost efficiency.
* Demand and distribution management.
* More intelligence to business planning.
* Better company credibility.
* Accurate meter reading, no more estimates
* Improved billing
* Accurate Profile Classes and Measurement Classes, true costs applied
* Improved security and tamper detection for equipment
* Energy Management through profile data graphs
* Less financial burden correcting mistakes
* Less accrued expenditure
* Transparency of “cost to read” metering
* Improved procurement power though more accurate data...

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