Aviation Industry Analysis

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Aviation Industry
India & International

Overview of the Industry


Civil Aviation

Military Aviation

Growth over last 20 years

Source: Indian Aviation Industry Report, “Through Turbulent Times, FDI relaxation alone not a game changer”, ICRA, March 2012

Present Trends
• Aviation Industry is growing at a rate of about 9.3% globally • At 18% per annum growth rate, Indian aviation industry is one of the fastest growing aviation industries • Air travel penetration in India is among the lowest in the world • With the legislation to allow 49% FDI in aviation in India, many JVs are in the pipeline

Future Trends
• International passenger numbers are expected to ...view middle of the document...

152 bn Fly the Friendly Skies Domestic (US), International Corporate, Middle, Frugal Class Premium and Economy Delta Air Lines Delta Air Corporation International Airlines US$ 35.11 bn Keep Climbing Domestic (US), International Corporate, Upper Middle Class Premium Emirates The Emirates Group International Airlines AED 62 bn Fly Emirates, Hello Tomorrow International Corporate, Upper Middle Class Ultra-Premium Southwest American Airlines Airlines AMR Corporation International Airlines US$ 22.17 bn The new American is arriving Domestic (US), International Southwest Airlines International Airlines US$17.08 bn If it matters to you, it matters to us Domestic (US), International


Target Group

Corporate, Middle Middle, Frugal Class Class Premium Low Cost


Market Share
Domestic Carriers' Market Share International Carriers' Market Share

8% 30% 18% Indigo Jet Airways Air India Spice Jet Go Air 19% 25% Air China 4% Cathay Pacific 4% Singapore Airlines 4%...

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