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Avoiding The Alignment Trap In It

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Executive Summary
Peachtree Healthcare consists of a network of 11 large and midsized institutions that came about by way of mergers. Max Berndt is the current CEO of Peachtree and he has been instructed by the Board of Directors to ensure quality, consistency, and continuity of care across the entire network, and to deliver all that with the highest levels of efficiency, economy and respect for patients and staff. The Board believes that total standardization of IT systems would achieve the business goals of Peachtree but Max believes in selective standardization which would still allow physicians the flexibility they need in order to provide the best care possible.
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It would provide the level of standardization Max wants to achieve and can fully customized to fit Peachtree’s business needs.
The criteria used to evaluate the system to implement include the cost of the system, the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of the system, the time it would take to implement and Employee Buy-In and the flexibility needed in terms of patient care.
Based on the criteria above it is recommended Peachtree implement the SOA system, it is compatible with Max’s vision for the company and it would satisfy both the board and employees as it would provide standardization but would still leave doctors with the flexibility needed for patient care. The system is customizable to the needs of the users and could be changes or reprogramed as needed. Although no costs could be estimated as it is not being used by other in the industry, it is estimated to cost less than the alternative, vendors would be flexible and willing to compromise in order to be at the for front of technology and gain the industry experience with the system.
The implementation of the system should be done in increments parallel to the current system. The modules that are of higher importance should be done first with training provided as each module is implemented.
The new system would provide value added benefits to the company, shareholders, employees and patients. It would equip doctors with better tools to care for patients who would receive better care and the reputation of the company will increase.
Current Situation
Peachtree Healthcare consist of a regional network of 11 large and midsize institutions who over the years merged together. Currently, the IT infrastructure is outdated, complex due to the mergers and has major problems, and Max Berndt is pressured by the Board of Directors to fix the problem and standardize as much as possible. The current system in place does not deliver the results needed to consistently provide superior patient care and is not compatible with future goals Peachtree is trying to achieve. As clinicians have finally been persuaded to use information technology as a primary tool in delivering care and are now dependant on it to do their jobs, when it fails they are unable to provide patient care which hurts both the organization and its customers. The current technology in place has high maintenance costs and does not further business goals and needs and does not add value to the organization.
The only strength the current IT infrastructure would have is that clinicians are used to it and know how to use it in its current state. Physicians and other hospital workers could be reluctant to change the way they currently do their job and an Introduction of a new system would require re-training and could jeopardize patient care.
1. Cost
The cost of implementing the system, maintenance, and training is an important one for the decision of which path to follow. Even if one system has lower upfront...

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