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Award In Education And Training Assignment 302 Task Ai

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Assignment 302 - Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training
Task Ai

a)The key features of inclusive teaching and learning (ref. 1.1)
Inclusive teaching means recognizing, meeting and adapting to the learning needs of all students, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation. This starts with acknowledging that students are members of diverse communities, have different individual learning needs and equal opportunity to access the learning experience. Key features of inclusive teaching and learning are involvement of all individuals in the learning process, treating them equally and fairly without ...view middle of the document...

b)Why it is important to provide opportunities for learners to develop their English, Mathematics, ICT and wider skills such as communication, personal and employability (ref. 1.3)
Providing opportunities for learners to practice the skills they need often means hiding them on normal learning activities as many students are resistant to Maths, Literacy and information Communication Technology (ICT) classes. The idea of functional skills was developed by Government.
Functional skills are seen as crucial to alleviate employers worries that future employees are not gaining an understanding of the basics. “Functional skills are practical skills in English, Maths and Information Communication Technology (ICT)” (direct gov); functional skills are available in a large number of educational and training establishments and in the work place.
Functional skills in education should be, where possible, engaging especially if past experience is minimal or not a favorable one. Addressing individul needs, tecnology can help overcome barriers, but is crucial to establish ground rules to ensure learners are using it appropriately (i.e. not accessing social network). Some learner may be concern using ICT as they may have epilepsy or dyslexia; in those specific cases regular break will be needed and different colour font and background will help the reading.
The tutor may use ICT to complement their teaching of the other functional skills, such as power point presentations, interactive lesson getting students up using the interactive white boards. Many educational institutions have an online learning area where class notes, homework or power points are uploaded and can be accessed by the students form home, providing time for recap or further work.
Wider skills are skills that help learners to improve their personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS). These are mean to help learners becoming confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learners/workers.
There are many ways to challenge learners improving their skills which are also valued by employers. Planning and carry out investigations and taking informed decisions will help them to be independent enquirers; generating ideas, tackling problems and finding imaginative solutions will help them to be creative thinkers; setting goals for learning and work, monitoring performances and reviewing progress will help them to be reflective learners; working collaboratively with others, taking responsibility and resolving problems will help them to become team workers; being organised, showing enterprise and responding to new challenges will help them be self-managers; playing a full partin studies and the workplace or the wider community will make them effective participators.
Discussing and incorporating topics such as citizenship, employability, enterprise, ICT, social responsability and sustainability will promote skills, knowledge and understanding of learners in areas in which they will be...

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