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Awareness Of Cultural Differences Essay

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Aware of Cultural Differences

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A program by the name of Intercultural Differences has been placed into Trumann High. This organization was designed to bring understanding to students of how different cultures are similarly and dissimilar. The students are chosen from a survey questionnaire and are pulled based upon their lack knowledge and/ or confusion of another culture. Intercultural Differences hope that the study will give students the opportunity to get know students of other cultures backgrounds and eliminate their presumption of each other.
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|Family is usually second to work. |
| |Children are celebrated and sheltered. |Children often minimally parented; are |
| |Wife fulfills domestic role. |independent. |
| |Mobility is limited. |Wife often fulfills dual roles. |
| | |Mobility quite common. |
|Religion |Long Roman Catholic tradition. |Mixed religions. |
| |Fatalistic outlook. "As God wills." |"Master of own life" outlook. |
|Education |Memorization. |Analytical approach. |
| |Emphasis on theoretical. |Emphasis on the practical. |
| |Rigid, broad curriculum. |Narrow, in-depth specialization. |
|Nationalism |Very nationalistic. |(U.S.)Very patriotic. |
| |Proud of long history and traditions. |Proud of "American way of life." |
| |Reluctant to settle outside Mexico. |Assumes everyone shares his/her materialistic |
| | |values. |
| | |(Canadian) Less than U.S.. Often has more " World"|
| | |view. |
|Personal Sensitivity |Difficulty separating work and personal |Separates work from emotions/personal |
| |relationships. |relationships. |
| |Sensitive to differences of opinion. |Sensitivity seen as weakness. |
| |Fears loss of face, especially publicly. |Tough business front. |
| |Shuns confrontation. |Has difficulty with subtlety. |
|Etiquette |"Old world" formality. |Formality often sacrificed for efficiency. |
| |Etiquette and manners seen as measure of |"Let's get to the point" approach. |

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