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Baby Thesis Essay

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Background of the Study
Students of these days are fond of laziness, especially the mental laziness. There were some of the trending causes why students are in of the problem of mental laziness. One is refusing to think, and this hinders the student to do something and makes his mind worthless and useless. Another is the student don’t engage his or her mind on what he or she is planning to do that’s why it ended up doing nothing which is because of mental laziness. And another is, they tend to make excuses, instead of doing the task directly, and this leads the student to be mentally lazy and this traps their mind in doing something because they think that their ...view middle of the document...

Second is, by relating their selves from the samples of situations that will be stated in this problem. This will also help the awareness of the teachers of the students, by knowing the causes of the problem.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
This study was limited only to the causes of having mental laziness of the Palawan Hope Christian School high school students enrolled in the SY 2014-2015. It involved 150 students as sample taken from 270 total population of high school students. The data gathering employed a questionnaire which was based on related literatures and studies.

Definition of Terms
* Mental Laziness- defined as the state of being idle or sluggish; lack of energy for the mind to work.
* Absent-minded- defined as distracted; pre-occupied; day dreaming or inattentive.
* Complications- defined as impediment or difficulty; problem, hindrance, barrier or obstacle.
* Negative attitude- defined as lacking positive or affirmative qualities, no enthusiasm, no interest, no self confidence, or no hopefulness.



This chapter is a summary of important literature and writings which are significant to the study: Causes of having Mental Laziness of Palawan Hope Christian School High School Students for the School Year of 2014-2015. The problem pertains to students who experience complications on their studies due to mental laziness attitude.

Related Literature
Causes of Mental Laziness
I. People don’t want to put effort on doing something.
According to Paramhansa Yogananda,
“Most people spend all their lives desiring to do something perfectly, such as playing the piano or painting, but are too lazy to put forth the effort required to reach perfection in the chosen activity.”

They would first make a plan, but then think that they would put too much effort in it. And because of this, they resist to do something and become mentally lazy because they find it effortful.

II. People don’t focus on what they want.
According to Dr. William Tiller,
“Human intentions can significantly change consciousness as well as physical matter.”

People weren’t clear about their intentions and this leads out to their focus. They don’t really know what to do because they don’t have their focus, until they become mentally lazy.

III. People get easily distracted.
According to Shady Byrouthy,
“Everything at some point becomes a means to distraction.”

Because of distractions, people tend to lose their focus. And by losing focus, they things on their mind tend to scatter, until they don’t know what to do and this leads them to become mentally lazy.

IV. People are not willing to think.
According to Paramhansa Yogananda,
“He is unwilling to initiate creative or self-emancipating thinking.”

Because of mental laziness, they aren’t willing to think. This symbolizes of tiredness of thinking.

V. People don’t get motivated.
According to...

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