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This report was commissioned by Dr. Heather Williams to investigate the risk of drinking and driving, especially as they apply to young people, and to develop recommendations about the most effective way to educate students about this risk.

The report focus on the risks of drinking and driving, especially as they apply to young people and to develop recommendations about the most effective way to educate students about this risk.

The report finds the definition of BAC, factors of BAC, calculations of BAC and how to stay under BAC limit. Also from the anti-drink education campaign, figure out the necessary of education.

Recommendations have been made that, if implemented, the young people of the university could aware of the alcohol and stay away of drink driving. This includes the lectures and advertising.


1.1 Background

It has been recognised for a number of years that driving after consuming alcohol in an unsafe practice. Research in the past 20 years in Australia and overseas has contributed to increased understanding of the effects of alcohol on the body. Links have been established between drivers’ alcohol levels and serious road accidents. The Director of Students Support at the University of Northern Region is concerned that, in spite of this research, students – particularly International Students who may not be aware of the regulations – are consuming alcohol and driving, with dangerous, even fatal, consequences.

1.2 Authorisation

Dr. Heather Williams, Director of Students Support, requested this report on 11 April 2007.

1.3 Aim of the Report

The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis the risks of drinking and driving, especially as they apply to young people and to develop recommendations about the most effective way to educate students about this risk.

1.4 Scope

Although drinking and driving is a social problem, the scope of this report is limited to understanding BAC and analysis this problem refer to young people.

2.0 BAC

2.1 Definition of BAC

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), is a measurement of the amount of alcohol in our body. Is the number of grams of alcohol present in 100 ml of blood. For example, a measurement of 0.05 BAC means that there are 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.(Do you know when to stop, page 2).

2.2 Factors affecting BAC

There are many factors affect blood alcohol concentration. The volume of alcohol be drank, the period of drinking, over what period after drinking, weight of body, sex, how long since you have eaten, mood and...

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