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Back To School Essay

534 words - 3 pages

August 15, 2014

Mrs. Pinnau, Mrs. Horras, Mrs. Hockinson
Harlem High School
1 Huskie Circle
Machesney Park, IL 61115

Dear Teachers,

I am Logan Close, and I am sad yet relieved to be in senior year of my high school career. While no one, including me, enjoys going back to school, it only means that I am one year closer to going to college and becoming a responsible adult in the so-called real world. I am hoping to get into Madison Media Institute with my friends to become game designers. My second choice of schools is NIU as of now.

Since I was a young child, around seven to eight years old, I began to leave the sport of baseball and become more ...view middle of the document...

In terms of academics, I am decent, but not really much to be proud of. I am known for procrastinating, which then turns into not doing work and not turning it in for a grade. I know I am better than what I put out, but I get bored of school and decide to give up. Even though I know this flaw in me, I do not do much to change it, even when I tell myself I need to and will. As it always goes; the first quarter I try really hard, get A’s and B’s, then second quarter comes along and I begin procrastinating. Hopefully, that habit will change this year.

Outside of school and soccer, I enjoy playing outside with my half-brother and my step-sister, when she actually does go outside, and if I am not outside, I am inside playing on my custom built desktop. My brother just turned eight years old almost two weeks ago today, and is in every bit trying to be just like me. He loves baseball and soccer, just like I used to when I was his age. The one big difference between him and I; he is way more social than me, even though I am sixteen (nearly seventeen) and he is eight. My step-sister is more social than me, if you count spending countless hours on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever, as being social. Her and I are commonly thought to be twins, even though we are 9 months apart and do not a single parent in common. My mother and step-father have been playing slow-pitch softball for a few years now, so every Thursday night our family takes a trip out to Sportscore to watch the parents play, and on occasion, our aunt comes out to watch them as well.


Logan Close

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