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Baderman Island Enterprise Technologies Essay

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Enterprise TechnologiesBaderman Island is an all-inclusive resort consisting of two golf courses, three hotels, a convention center, multiple restaurants and gift shops, and a spa (University of Phoenix, 2009). The three business areas of opportunities presented in this paper using enterprise technologies includes supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management. Opportunities, justifications, and uses for competitive advantages are presented for each area as well as potential challenges that will be faced through implementation.Business Areas and Suggested Technologies1st Business Area: Supply Chain Management (SCM)In addition to helping to create ...view middle of the document...

•Spend - keeping the costs of purchased products at acceptable levels.JustificationSCM software and web-based solutions will allow operations management professionals to conduct tasks such as forecasting, inventory planning, ordering, and production planning with more ease and accuracy. By implementing an integrated SQM, Baderman Island can focus improving or eliminating seven areas of waste: overproduction, waiting, excess conveyance, over-processing, excess inventory, unnecessary motion, defects and corrections (Lean Directions, 2007).According to Alan Greenspan (2005), average inventory levels have dropped by nearly 30% in the last 10 years while productivity rates have increased by 70% when comparing the last 10 years with the prior 30 years. Nearly $700 billion of value from supply chain initiatives have created on top of a reduction of $50 billion per year of inventory carrying costs.ChallengesImplementing a successful SCM should not be underestimated by management and staff. "A lack of proper demand planning knowledge, tools, and guidelines is a major source of SCM failure" (O'Brien, 2003, p. 208). A lack of appropriate communication and teamwork between marketing, inventory management departments, suppliers, and distributors could create an over or under estimate of inventory. Another challenge is the ability to reconcile master data across multiple sources (Payne, 2007). Understanding the behavior and performance of the supply chain is a strategic necessity. Management at Baderman Island and the IT department must understand business analytics (how the current process is working) and business intelligence (BI) analytics (the root causes of the symptoms visible in the supply chain) to understand the dynamics of their operations and their performance (Payne, 2007).2nd Business Area: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Enterprise Resource Planning includes all business operations and can be bundled into software packages that Baderman Island can use to provide payroll, human resources and accounting functions as well as integrate supply chain management and customer relationship management functions. ERP can be used as a driver to improve the technology within the organization. "ERP is recognized as a necessary ingredient that many companies need in order to gain the efficiency, agility, and responsiveness required to succeed in today's dynamic business environment" (O'Brien, 2003, p. 192). The board of director's using BMG's property management system must understand the value of timely and quality information that an ERP can provide. Besides providing a real-time view of core business processes, an ERP can track resources and view the status of reservations, purchase orders, and payroll (O'Brien, 2003). For improved customer relationship management, the ERP should be implemented so that all employees within Baderman Island's employee can make accurate and effective decisions. An ERP will also provide quality information leading to...

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