Baderman Island Resort: Software Upgrade Essay

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Baderman Island Resort: Software Upgrade

Project Overview
In this project, Team B will evaluate the current word processing solution and offer a detailed outline to upgrade the word processing software at each building in the Baderman Island Resort. The Baderman Island Resort is a huge complex that consists of twelve separate buildings. The buildings are individually owned and operated but still fall under the control of Boardman Management Group. Each business building was opened at a different time and there are several different word processors on different operating systems at each building. In all there are 26 computers running Windows XP with Word XP, 38 computers running ...view middle of the document...

Each building is operated differently and contains various versions of word processor software that is running on different operating systems. This may require an operating system upgrade in addition to the word processing software upgrade. In addition to the written proposal, Team B will provide a graphic timeline and a PowerPoint presentation that will support the best interest of Baderman Island Resort.
The purpose of the upgrade is to afford each employee the same functionality when using Microsoft Word. While Microsoft does allow for backwards compatibility, it still will not allow older versions to create dynamic word documents. Users of older version may also have problems rending Word documents correctly due to the new document extension: DOCX. This could create a problem when working with customers, clients and vendors that are using an updated version. With this upgrade employees will be able to communicate better with each other as well as clients and vendors. A full migration to Word 2010 should be bundled with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite; these programs are designed to work well together to handle almost any business requirement.
Business Requirement
After successful upgrade, each workstation will have a word processor with all of the bells and whistles...

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