Badges Of The Holocaust Essay

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Badges of the HolocaustLife continually act it self out over and over again. I hope this is the right saying for what I am thinking. I never thought about the fact the Nazi's system of labeling prisoner of the Holocaust affects us today and most are not even aware of it. Let me begin by giving you some background of what I am talking about. See if you agree.The concentration camp was one weapon in the campaign to bring state and society into conformity with the governmental rulership at that time (fascism). Ranges of attempts were made to isolate people and to use fear to inhibit "undesirable" behavior. Whatever the reasons for imprisonment, all incarcerations were the result of Nazi ...view middle of the document...

As you can see the Nazi group the prisoners of the Holocaust into sexual preference, religion, ethnicity and attitude toward work.When you look at the colors of the triangle is definitely linked to some of our view today. One example of that is that homosexual men and their community have viewed pink as their color and heterosexual men try to stay as far away from pink as they can. Political activist use red a lot in their attempts to get their points across. If I looked further into the color I could probable link them to the other groups of people of their use of their colors in their social or political standThis paper is just a brief over view of the triangles of the Holocaust or as the survivors of the Holocaust say the badges of the Holocaust. There is so much more you could read about the badges of the Holocaust one of the things is how much confusion the triangles caused during the conclusion of the Holocaust. The stories that the survivors can tell you about how the triangle...

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1258 words - 6 pages component of modern day anti Semitism. Know as Social Darwinism, a theory put forth by Charles Darwin that various types of life survived by adapting to the changing environment. This theory was later revised to include that not the fittest but the strongest not only would, but also should survive. It was concluded from this theory that protecting the weak and poor of society actually went against the nature’s laws. The Jewish people were doomed to become weak and poor by way, in part, of the socialist views of the times. These views on the Jewish peoples would continue to be revised until the ultimate horror, the Holocaust, would be realized.

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