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Balancing Studies Essay

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Balancing Studies with Work and Family Demands

When I decided to return to school in April, I suppose I didn’t keep in mind the juggling act I already participate in. My biggest stress has to do with communicating effectively with my ex. I am going through a massive parenting battle with him involving my two youngest children. Two years ago, my ex, Jamie, found some loop hole in the system and was granted full custody. This event alone still haunts me and is the foundation of my daily struggles to handle stress. Just this past September, I was able to finally see my boys. Once again, the time lost is and I fear will always add to my overload of stress. I finally got a court order giving ...view middle of the document...

It’s a little ironic I assist our customers with their courses and/or assignments while I procrastinate to complete my own school work. While my kids were in school, I was able to say, “Homework time!” and while they accomplished their tasks, I worked on mine. Now that summer began, I have needed to find other times to complete my work. Since Jamie refuses to even allow me to speak to my boys on the phone or have any extra time with them, I signed my son, Cameron, up for Little League Baseball this summer. Though it adds to my stress and dark circles under my eyes for Saturday morning practices and late games Friday evenings, it has been my only way to get extra time with them, so to me, this stress has been worth it. In addition to my family stresses and demands, I go to work, stare at a computer for eight plus hours a day, which makes me want to stay far away from any computer when I punch out for

the night. This is where I stress out about completing exams and reading the material. I enjoy my job at the moment, which helps me feel less anxious about all the balls being thrown at me. I feel good about who I am and where I want to go when I help students and instructors solve their difficulties.
Luckily, currently at work, I am not very busy with helping students and instructors, so I try to take this down time to read materials and work on assignments for myself. Although I have a hard time returning to my train of thought or material I was focused on, this seems to be the best way for me to get my study time accomplished. My process for dealing with stress and demands are staying focused and positive. My only weapon against the stress and demands of everyday life and even judgments and poor perceptions of people whom I am forced to deal with, is my faith in myself. Even though most days I doubt myself, deep down I know I am a good person. The trick I am learning is that self-confidence has more power than people believe. So, the way I cope with the stress from Jamie sending me abusive text messages and voicemails is simply not even looking at them. It sounds easy right? Well, a lot of the things said to me are things I feel I need to defend against. Accusations and opinions of who I am as a person and as a mother tend to make me feel like I need to set the record straight and vent the bottled up stress and demands I battle alone. Although it has taken me years to get to this way of thinking, I constantly remind myself this point, I don’t care what these people think of me. The people I love and hold dear to my heart are the only opinions that matter to me. It’s almost comical how blind and childish these adults behave. How sad their lives must be to have time to sit around and come up with such mindless assumptions. I also remind myself why I cut these toxic people from my life to begin with. Bottom line, if people are trying to put you down, it only means that you are above them. The only way I can manage all my stresses is follow a...

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