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In 1975, the American Lung Association investigated the risky effects of tobacco smoke on innocent bystanders. The association’s article warned readers about the dangers in “double exposure” for the individuals’ that are not smoking (ALA, 1975). That was over 35 years ago; still in 2011 the Center for Disease Control reports that in the U.S. alone more than 38,000 people die annually from second-hand smoke. Most people are aware of the negative effects of cigarette smoking, but what about the impacts of the people inhaling this smoke. The second-hand smoke has toxic and carcinogenic effects(Lee,2004). Individuals can be exposed to secondhand smoke in homes, cars, the workplace and public ...view middle of the document...

S. with 4 in 10 units occupied by families with children(Winickoff,2010). In 2008-2009, 32% of household in public housing included elderly persons, 35 % included disabled persons, and 41% included children(Dove,2010). For years, the federal government has been in the practice of protecting public health and providing adequate housing.
Effects of Indoor Second-hand Smoke
The risk of contact with tobacco smoke is well recognized and laws mandating smoke- free indoor air are prevalent. Personal homes have long been considered places outside the lawful reach of smoking ban regulation. The National Toxicology Program has acknowledged that there are more than 250 poisonous chemicals, gases and metals present in tobacco smoke(Kaufman,2010). The research shows that more than 11 of them are class A carcinogens. The word carcinogen is described as any substance that is a driving force directly involved in causing cancer (OSHA, 2011). According to World Health Organization (WHO) exposure to second-hand smoke can lead to deaths due to lung and nasal sinus cancers, heart diseases, a variety of adverse health effects in children (2007). Heart Disease is estimated to cause 35,000 to 62,000 deaths for people who currently do not smoke but are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (Kaufman, 2010). Numerous investigations report that about 50-70 percent of children in the United States have detectable levels of cotinine, the byproduct of nicotine, in their blood (Alwan, 2010). The elderly and disabled make up 67% of the public housing population most of them are plagued with cardiac or pulmonary dysfunctions. The rates of sudden infant death syndrome are amplified among children exposed to tobacco smoke(El-Mohandes,2011). The Surgeon General’s report on involuntary smoking concluded that there are no safe levels of exposure. Why is the government so troubled about secondhand smoke? Why are they putting bans on smoking in public places? I think the 7 million people living in public housing complexes need protection too.
Survey results specify that occupants are often disturbed by tobacco smoke and that four out of five nonsmokers would favor a smoke free building policy. Property-owners from Chicago to Oregon have made their apartment buildings smoke-free. Winickoff advices that tenants, within a multi-unit building are at risk if there is a smoking occupant present. Research shows that tobacco smoke travels along air ducts, through elevator shafts, along plumbing, electrical lines, and cracks in the wall to other units. A new discovery is third-hand smoke which is the levels of tobacco toxins that are present in the indoor air environment long after the period of active smoking (Kaufman,2010). That is because tobacco toxins are airborne particles that deposit onto indoor surfaces and remitted in the atmosphere over a period of days and years. These elements not only pollute your lungs but rugs, furniture, curtains and clothing. Opponents...

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