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Bank Of Oklahoma Essay

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The Bank of Oklahoma (BOKF) is a publicly traded financial corporation with reported assets valued at $18 billion dollars. The corporation offers trust and management services throughout seven states and maintains 149 branches. The goal of BOKF is to promote growth of long-term value through market expansion and quality, contemporary services to its customers. Over the last 14 years they have been successful at accomplishing their goal of market expansion and they have also expanded their need for employees. There are 3,900 employees located at the headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I interviewed Diana Hernandez, Senior Employee Development Specialist. There are five ...view middle of the document...

A successful firm must learn to measure, monitor and strategize their goals to balance their organization. (Huselid, Becker and Beatty, 2005)

Organizational Design

The Bank of Oklahoma has a well developed HR program that has an organizational design calling for a shared responsibility of HR professionals and Line Managers to provide Human Resource Planning and Succession Planning. The staffing, job design and analysis are performed by the corporation’s HR Professional. The emphasis on recruiting has deflected the necessity of training and retention.
BOKF does not currently track its HR activities through an HRIS. The HRIS would support the workforce competencies by measuring and monitoring displayed KSA’s of each individual.

The Bank of Oklahoma has 43 dedicated HR staff to perform its duties. Recruiting, employee selection and orientation are all performed by staffing personnel. The duties of promotion, termination and transfer are duties assigned to the line manager

Performance Management

Performance reviews are conducted by the line manager. Employees are given the opportunity to discuss initiatives and concerns directly with their immediate supervisor.
Performance management is lacking customer evaluation of personnel, 360 degree or other multi-dimensional evaluation systems. Employee satisfaction surveys are outsourced to allow employees to make liberal assessments of the firm’s ability to meet their needs. The surveys are conducted every two years.

Training and Organizational Development

Training and development are critical to maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Employees at BOKF are receiving quality executive, management and other employee training from Ms. Hernandez. The training and design are established by her training standard in small groups of up to 12 individuals. The entire corporation benefits from her expertise because she travels to the external sites as necessary to provide on the spot, diversity and sensitivity training.
Although training is conducted, the absence of a needs assessment can lead to inappropriate and/or wasted training time. Ms. Hernandez may provide a broad spectrum of training however; she is the only individual within the corporation who can give the executive and leadership training across the seven states BOKF services.
Individuals are interested in corporations that invest in their people. They want to grow with a company and expect to receive the proper tools to excel. BOKF lacks the career development to retain its employees. This may lead to dissatisfied employees that become stagnant professionals or abandon the organization. Leaders must develop their employees as part of their organizational strategy to create positive workforce behavior.

Reward Systems, Benefits and Compliance

All aspects of rewards, benefits and compliance are conducted by an HR professional. The changing times call for a professional to ensure that BOKF is in compliance...

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