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Banking Industry Essay

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When Bangladesh came into existence on the 16th December, 1971, the banking sector of Bangladesh was in a total disarray. With the exception of two local banks incorporated in then East Pakistan, all the bigger local banks became in operational. Starting with such a humble  condition, the Banking Sector of Bangladesh has grown to a great extent.

The banking industry in Bangladesh has flourished over the years, making double-digit profit percentages, sustaining growth and surviving cut-throat competition while providing attractive returns to shareholders. The number of banks in all now stands at 49 in Bangladesh. Out of the 49 banks, four are Nationalized Commercial Banks (NCBs), 28 local ...view middle of the document...

Janata Bank was born with a new concept of purposeful banking sub serving the growing and diversified financial  needs of planned economic development of the country. 

Janata Bank Limited employs more than 13(Thirteen) thousand persons. Janata Bank Limited operates through 872 branches including 4 overseas branches at United Arab Emirates. It is linked with 1202 foreign correspondents all over the world.

Janata Bank Limited, one of the state owned commercial banks in Bangladesh, has an authorized capital of Tk. 20000 million (approx. US$ 283.33 million), paid up capital of Tk. 5000.00 million, reserve of Tk.10823.01 million and retained surplus Tk. 5167.18 million. The Bank has a total asset of Tk. 345233.92 million as on 31st  December 2010.

Banking Services:

➢ Retail / Personal Banking
➢ Foreign Remittance
➢ Credit Facilities and Programme
➢ Utility Service
➢ Micro Enterprise and Special Credit
➢ Rural Banking & Credit Programme
➢ Merchant Banking

Deposit Schemes:

➢ Savings Deposit
➢ Short     Term Deposit
➢ Term Deposit
➢ Janata Bank Limited Sanchaya (Savings) Pension

Personalized Services:

➢ Demand Draft
➢ Telegraphic Transfer
➢ Pay Order
➢ Security Deposit Receipt
➢ Transfer of fund by special arrangement

Utility Services in Bills Collection:

➢ Gas bills of Titas, Bakhrabad and  Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution Companies
➢ Electricity bills of Dhaka Electricity Supply Authority, Dhaka Electricity Company, Bangladesh Power Development Board and Rural Electrification Board
➢ Telephone bills of Telegraph and Telephone Board.
➢ Water/Sewerage bills of Water and Sewerage Authority

Utility services in Payments Made on Behalf of Govt. to:

➢ Non- Govt. teachers salaries
➢ Girl Students scholarship/stipend & Primary Student Stipend.
➢ Army pension
➢ Widows , divorcees and destitute Women Allowances
➢ Old-age Allowances

International Banking:

➢ Providing Pre-Shipment and  Post-Shipment  Finance, Export Guarantee and bonding facility etc
➢ Special export financing program towards computer software data entry and service export.
➢ Back to Back L/C under bonded Warehouse facility
➢ Sight & Unasked L/C against Firm Contract for import of raw materials.
➢ Sight L/C under EDF
➢ Exporter's Retention Quota A/C both interest bearing and non-interest bearing
➢ Consultancy and advisory services by an expert group of officials.
➢ Concessional rate of interest for exports Finance.

Remittance Products:

➢ Speedy Foreign Remittance Payment System
➢ Taka Remittance Arrangement
➢ Facilities offered to the remitters
➢ Foreign Currency Account Opening Form under Wage Earners Scheme
➢ Facilities offered to Bangladeshi Expatriates in Italy

New Special Products:

➢ Financing IT Sector
➢ Financing of Industries

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