Banking Reasoning Essay

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Banking reasoning
Directions: In each of the following questions, there is a certain relationship between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : :while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative.
1 . Moon : Satellite : : Earth :?
(A) Sun (B) Planet (C)Solar System (D) Asteroid
2 . Forecast : Future : : Regret :?
(A) Present (B) Atone (C)Past (D)Sins
3. Influenza : Virus : : Typhoid : ?
(A) Bacillus (B)Parasite (C)Protozoa (D) Bacteria
4. Fear : Threat : : Anger : ?
(A)Compulsion (B)Panic (C)Provocation ...view middle of the document...

Water : Convection : : Space : ?
(A)Conduction (B)Transference (C)Vacuum (D)Radiation
22. Growth : Death : : Increase : ?
(A)Ease (B)decrease (C)Tease (D)Cease
23. Oxygen : Burn : : Carbon dioxide : ?
(A)Isolate (B)Foam (C)Extinguish (D)Explode
24. Dog : Bark : : Goat : ?
(A)Bleat (B)Howl (C)Grunt (D)Bray
25. Grain : Stock : : Stick : ?
(A)Heap (B)Bundle (C)Collection (D)String
26. Nurture : Neglect : : Denigrate : ?
(A)Reveal (B)Extol(C)Recognize (D)Calumniate
27. Planet : Orbit : : Projectile : ?
(A)Trajectory (B)Track (C)Milky way (D)Path
28. Genuine : Authentic : : Mirage : ?
(A)Image (B)Transpiration (C)Reflection (D)Illusion
29. Cobbler : Leather : : Carpenter : ?
(A)Furniture (B)Wood (C)Hammer (D)Chair
30. Rupee : Indian : : Yen : ?
(A)Turkey (B)Bangladesh (C)Pakistan (D)Japan
31. Ocean : Deserts : : Waves : ?
(A)Sea (B)Dust (C)Sand dunes (D)Ripples
Explanation: If oceans were deserts, waves would be sand dunes .
32. Pork : Pig : : Beef : ?
(A)Farmer (B)Herd (C)Cow(D)Lamb
Ans: (C)
Explanation: First is the name given to the meat of the second .
33. Illiteracy : Education : : Flood : ?
(A)Rain (B)Bridge (C)Dam (D)River
Ans: (C)
Explanation: Second helps ot get rid of the first
(A)Refuge (B)Mercy (C)Truancy (D)Remorse
Ans: (A)
Explanation: A prisoner is confined within the dungeon ,and an unsheltered person
takes refuge within the asylum .
35. Appraiser : Building : : Critic : ?
(A)Book (B)Masterpiece (C)Judge (D)Gold
Ans: (A)
Explanation: First comments on the second .
(A)Doe (B)Stag (C)Leopard (D)Stallion
Ans: (D)
Explanation: First is a young one of the second .
(A)Thresh (B)Sift (C)Pry (D)Rinse
Ans: (B)
Explanation: Second denotes the function performed by the first .
38. Fruit : Banana : : mammal : ?
(A)Cow (B)Snake (C)Fish (D)Sparrow
Ans: (A)
Explanation: First denotes the class to which the second belongs .
39. Tile : Mosaic : : Knot : ?
(A)Embroidery (B)Abacus (C)Macrame (D)Easle
Ans: (C)
Explanation: Just as tiles in mosaic make a pattern , so also the knots in a piece of
macrame make a pattern .
40. Import : Export : : Expenditure : ?
(A)Deficit (B)Revenue (C)Debt (D)Tax
Ans: (B)
Explanation: The words in each pair are antonyms .
41. Hill : Mountain : : Stream : ?
(A)River (B)Canal (C)Glacier (D)Avalanche
Ans: (A)
Explanation: Second is bigger form of first .
42. Country : President : : State : ?
(A)Governor (B)Minister (C)Chief minister (D)Citizen
Ans: (A)
Explanation: President and Governor are the nominal heads of country and state
respectively .
43. Bread : Yeast : : Curd : ?
(A)Fungi (B)Bacteria (C)Germs(D)Virus
Ans: (B)
Explanation: First is produced by the action of the second .
44. Court : Justice : : School : ?
(A)Teacher (B)Student (C)Ignorance (D)Education
Ans: (D)
Explanation: First is the place where the second is imparted .
45. Quartz : Radio : : Gypsum : ?
(A)Glass (B)Porcelain (C)Cement (D)Powder
Explanation: First is used to make the...

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