Banning Cell Phones On The Road

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17 Sep. 2014
Banning Cell Phones on the Road
You are driving along the highway when, BAM ! A car rams into the side of yours. As you look up what do you see? A man texting on his cell phone totally oblivious to the world around him. As he gets out of his car he says he was only looking at it for a couple seconds, but thats all it takes to cause a very fatal crash. Texting as well as taking on the phone is a form of distracted driving and greatly increases the risk of having an accident. Your mind is not focused on the road or other cars but your cell phone or the conversation you are having on it. Out of every 1,000 car fatalities 450 of them are caused by using cell phones(Glazer). Thats almost half, which to ...view middle of the document...

An example of this can be seen when Japan banned any handheld phone usage during driving, as a result the accidents due to phone usage dropped by 75 percent(Glazer).
But others wonder if a ban is really needed. Imagine you are driving home from work and a family member is involved in an accident but you are driving and unable to pull over to answer your phone then by the time you have gotten home it is too late. Cell phones in cars are needed for emergencies, conducting business, or just calling home to see if you need to pick up some groceries. It is estimated that without being able to use your phone in your car it will cost 200 dollars per household or 24 billion annually in lost time and productivity(Tetlock). After research was analyzed it was concluded that banning cell phones would only cut down the traffic accidents by about 1 percent and save about 1 billion dollars(Tetlock). Another point is texting and driving is not the only thing that distracts us while on the road. Things like turning the radio station, drinking or eating, and talking to other people in the car distract you, but those are not banned. The government as many say should just back off and let the 77 million Americans that use their cell phones make their own decisions about cell phone usage and driving(Tetlock).

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