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Barclays Bank Case Essay

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This case study can be found on page 23 of your core text (Cornelissen, 2008) Case Study 2.2 Barclays Bank (UK): The Importance of Coordinating Marketing Communication And Public Relations Early in 2003, Barclays, a UK-based financial services group, engaged primarily in retail banking, investment banking and investment management, appointed a new advertising agency Battle Bogle Hegarty (BBH). BBH was hired to spearhead a 'more humane' campaign, after the bank was lambasted for its `Big Bank' adverts in 2000 that featured the slogan 'a big world needs a big bank'. Barclays had spent £15million (approx. $24.6 million) on its `Big' campaign, which featured celebrities such as Sir Anthony ...view middle of the document...

We will continue to take value-maximising decisions without sentimentality or excuses.” Barclays was admitting openly that their main focus n shareholder returns and larger customers across their investment and retail business. Perhaps the most amusing story of the many that emerged during that period was of the fact that the village where Anthony Hopkins was born was one of the victims of the branch closures. He was seen as a traitor to his heritage, and the local Welsh Assembly Member wrote to him as part of her campaign about the closures. Hopkins was moved to write back to her, complaining about being used as a scapegoat when in fact he was just an actor and felt that he needed to set the record straight by pointing our that he did not con Barclays Bank.

In an attempt to respond to the image crisis, Barclays has since extended opening hours at 84 per cent of its branches and recruited an extra 2000 staff to service the extra hours. Together with new adverts in 2003 that were 'more humane and more tangible and based on actual products rather than the brand', Barclays had hoped that the damage from the Big Bank campaign would finally start to heal. However, the incident was all over the news again...

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