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Barefoot In The Park Review

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Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon was a great play. I saw it at the TCC Southeast Campus where they performed a matinee. Coming into it, I thought it would be like the high school plays, mostly cheesy and lousy acting, as they weren't professionals. Least to say, I wasn't expecting much, which I must say was the best thing I could have hoped for. Personally, if I had come into any play hoping it would blow me off my seat, and it just sucked, then it would have been a complete downfall for me. But if you come into the play not expecting a thing, you're hope can only rise. As the curtains fell, and the lights dimmed, I pushed everything out of my head to focus on this play. As I followed the ...view middle of the document...

The set was a brilliant one, which stated the obvious to the audience which was it was at first shabby and dirty, while leaving trails of questions also, as to where the furniture was. There were several doors and windows, for many entering and exit opportunities. All in all, this was a set they could be proud of.When the play started is when I started to see the various costumes. The only thing I did notice first off was that each character had their own style. The performers never broke out of their style just as they never broke character. Corie Bratter, the newlywed wife, wore stylish yet childish clothing. She liked to be herself in the play and didn't let anyone get in her way, just as her clothes reflected her stubbornness. Just like a kid, Corie always wore a yellow headband through the entire play, which was a clue to her inner child and wantingness to have fun and live life to the fullest. Paul Bratter, her new husband, was an attorney; so of course, he didn't have much choice to wear but suits, as he was a workaholic. Although at the end of the play, which he is sick, tired, and drunk, he is still wearing the suit, yet it is distorted to give off a shabby, unkempt look about him, which showed his moods. Victor Velasco, their rooftop neighbor, was a very adventurous man, who dared to dream big. His costumes were suit also, but off colors, such as brown, accompanied by a beret. He claimed to see the world and beyond, so his clothing accented his imagination and loud character. At the end of the play, when Mrs. Banks, Corie's mother, wears Mr. Velasco's night attire, it is shown to be exquisite material, embroidered with lions and oriental designs. Mrs. Banks, being the rich and overbearingly perfect mother she is, dressing posh. Her hair is always neat and curled with a hat that always matching her neatly pressed dress suits. Hand gloves always were present on her fingers, while she also always clutched a handbag to match her outfits. The costumes also gave off a sense of the time in which they were in. Long sleeves and dresses indicated it was cold, which the setting was in New York in the February, while the berets and style of the clothing gave off a 1950s look to the actors.Lighting was not a big concept in this play, as there was only one scene where most the action took place. Never did the lighting waver unless there was a drastic change in the set, such as the furniture arriving and the placing of it, or large gaps of time went by, such as when the actor's went out to eat. When it did change, it only placed a light in the...

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