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Barnes&Noble/Descriptive Paper

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Barnes Noble is a huge store located inside of Brookfield Square Mall with thousands of books, games; I love the experience of Barnes&Noble it’s like riding a motorcycle, and very fast-paced like a race car, the employee’s are friendly, and helpful, as a government informant, but very colorful, and intriguing. I’m excited each time I walk into Barnes&Noble Bookstore I love the way they have organized the items in the store in the. There are, so many different items sold at Barnes&Noble: such as games, toys, and a very creative children’s area, it is inviting, and warm it reminds me of a country home in the summer time.
I love Barnes&Noble mult-cultural items that are offered there it opens your eyes to different types of ...view middle of the document...

The elderly enjoy it as well when they step into the store they are invited in with a sense of gratitude, and hospitality, and it seems like they never want to go home, but that’s the glory or pleasure of going to Barnes&Noble bookstore. I love it I remember being 17, and all my friends wanted do other stuff like hang out, and get into trouble, but I would find myself taking the bus late at night all the way downtown on the rusty roads of Milwaukee to Barnes&Noble Bookstore this is before I even thought of having kids; so it is always a great experience.

Reading has always been a great passion of mine I thirst for knowledge like I thirst for ice tea Barnes&Noble is convenient ,and close to home ,and also is very cultural, and open-minded to other selections of books. Barnes&Noble is very busy on weekdays, but slows down like turtles on the weekend, and I tell you when you’re in that rush to just get in, and out weekdays are not the day to go in. Barnes&Noble is very effective in their approach of customer service they truly are second to none when it comes to providing quality service to customers in the store as well as being very versatile in catering to the needs of parent’s also. I have found my time there to be productive, and conducive to my growth in knowledge I love reading, and learning new things Barnes Noble opens up a new world of possibilities, and is a platform to greater things once you have purchased your books, other items it can also create a very energetic atmosphere it serves as a social club for some, but a learning place for others.

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