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Barriers Encountered When Beginning Reading Essay

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Barriers Encountered when Beginning Reading and Strategies Employed to Provide Meaningful Support or InterventionGood reading ability is the key to success in school and this is one reason why researchers are trying to find significant educational and psychological variables that can explain variations in reading ability and academic achievement. These variables can be strictly cognitive like word recognition, or they can be more socially cognitive. Reading and learning to read are in part cultural activities and occur in a cultural context, which means that the home environment is crucial when it comes to developing literacy.Children who grow up in homes with many books and where the ...view middle of the document...

Attitudes toward reading are influenced by children's self-concepts, levels of reading ability, and interests, as well as by the attitudes and behaviours of their parents, peers, and, and teachers. However, it might be equally plausible that reading attitude influences reading ability, since a child with a positive attitude toward reading will most probably read more often and thus better than a child with a negative attitude toward reading. Studies generally show that good readers have a more positive attitude than poor readers toward reading. We hypothesize that reading attitudes are influenced by Family based prerequisites and Verbal/General academic self-concept and that reading attitudes will influence reading ability. (Swalander & Taube, 2006)Reading problemsPeople of a few generations ago could cope well in business and society without the ability to read adequately, nowadays it is almost impossible. People need education and must be able to read at a certain level to obtain jobs and to fulfil a number of daily tasks. There are two basic factors that help children to learn to read:•They should realise that written text is related to spoken language.•They should be motivated and interested in reading, and be able to identify the written symbols and associate them with the related language sounds.To support a learner who experiences problems in reading, it is useful to determine his reading level as it enables the teacher choose suitable reading material. The method of determining the reading level of learners discussed below is based on reading material that is standardised for the specific reading level. Therefore it gives an indication of the grade level on which a specific learner is reading. Teachers who ignore the reading level of a learner do not always use reading material that is suitable for a specific learner. If, for instance, a Grade 4 teacher is using reading material suitable for Grade 1 or 2, the learners may become frustrated, and this will often result in their manifesting behaviour problems that they do not really have. However, this method of determining learner's reading level has endless possibilities as a teacher may use any content especially content that interests a learner. A motivated learner is more willing to learn to read than one who is bored with reading content that is too easy or too difficult. Therefore the following information is to determine whether the material the teacher wants to use for a specific learner is suitable and to determine the learner's reading level. (Landsberg & Kruger & Nel, 2007)The determination of learners' reading levelsThe method of determining a learner's, reading level does not give a precise indication of his actual reading abilities, but it does give an indication of where to start with reading support.(a)Independent levelOn this level learners read the text with ease without the support of the teacher. The text could be used for recreational reading and...

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