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Basel Committee on Banking Supervision reforms - Basel III
Strengthens microprudential regulation and supervision, and adds a macroprudential overlay that includes capital buffers.

Capital Pillar 1 Capital
Quality and level of capital Greater focus on common equity. The minimum will be raised to 4.5% of riskweighted assets, after deductions. Capital loss absorption at the point of non-viability Contractual terms of capital instruments will include a clause that allows – at the discretion of the relevant authority – write-off or conversion to common shares if the bank is judged to be non-viable. This principle increases the contribution of the private sector to resolving future banking ...view middle of the document...

Requires banks to conduct more rigorous credit analyses of externally rated securitisation exposures. Trading book Significantly higher capital for trading and derivatives activities, as well as complex securitisations held in the trading book. Introduction of a stressed value-at-risk framework to help mitigate procyclicality. A capital charge for incremental risk that estimates the default and migration risks of unsecuritised credit products and takes liquidity into account. Counterparty credit risk Substantial strengthening of the counterparty credit risk framework. Includes: more stringent requirements for measuring exposure; capital incentives for banks to use central counterparties for derivatives; and higher capital for inter-financial sector exposures. Bank exposures to central counterparties (CCPs) The Committee has proposed that trade exposures to a qualifying CCP will receive a 2% risk weight and default fund exposures to a qualifying CCP will be capitalised according to a risk-based method that consistently and simply estimates risk arising from such default fund.

Risk management and supervision
Supplemental Pillar 2 requirements. Address firm-wide governance and risk management; capturing the risk of off-balance sheet exposures and securitisation activities; managing risk concentrations; providing incentives for banks to better manage risk and returns over the long term; sound compensation practices; valuation practices; stress testing; accounting standards for financial instruments; corporate governance; and supervisory colleges.

Global liquidity standard and supervisory monitoring
Liquidity coverage ratio The liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) will require banks to have sufficient highquality liquid assets to withstand a 30-day stressed...

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