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Basic Paper

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There are many activities to enjoy when visiting London and is the reason this city is a destination that will fit the needs of many visitors. One aspect of touring this city is determining the type of tour. There are also many tourist destinations in and around the city. Review a few reasons to take a trip to London and the tour options to consider when planning a trip. .

The Capitol

The capital of the United Kingdom is London which has various international airports that are in close proximity. Visitors to the city can fly into London City Airport, Luton, Standted, London Gatewick, or London Heathrow. There are also various transportation links available to other destinations which are ...view middle of the document...

One new addition to the skyline is the magnificent Shard building. One of the best ways to see the spectacular sights is with a ride taken on the London Eye. This will offer a view of London from the Thames River.

West End Theatre

Tourists who want to take in a show on their trip can enjoy musicals and stage shows that take place in London's West End. However, the musicals and shows are often popular and purchasing tickets should be done in advance of any planned trip to London. Many tour packages will often include the option to purchase tickets.

Film Locations

Many well-known films have scenes that have been filmed in London. This will include the film James Bond and the M16 headquarters. Various places in London are also found in the Harry Potter films and many others. Sherlock Holmes in another of the films with locations in London.

Entertainment Venues

The 02 arena is one of the most popular music venues in the world. The 2012 Games also took place in the city. Tourists can also visit Earls Count and the famous Whembly Stadium. Choose the tour that has the venues of interest included. There are many packages that often include tickets for various sporting events which take place at various times throughout the year.

London's Green Spaces

The city is not only known for buildings and structures, but also many green spaces. Visitors will have the option to visit up to eight Royal Parks and various gardens. This will include Kew and the Chelsea Physic Garden.

Something New

Additions to the skyline is only one of the new elements being added to London. The city continues to evolve and will typically have something new that can be explored. This can include upcoming shows to various exhibitions which often take place in the capital city.

Experience Local Fare

One of the hidden secrets of London tours is going to places known to locals. There are areas that offer food and...

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