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Basic Planning Guide For Argument Essay

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Basic way to approach writing a basic argument essay

This is just a guide to help you plan and organize an argument essay which is useful for any assignment that asks that you support a position. Just be sure to use pathos for this essay and if you use this guide for ethos, go low on the pathos, lol.
This planning guide is for an essay assignment that didn't require sources but this will help you with any essay you write. Just remember that you must choose a topic that DOES require sources unlike the sample topic you see here. Thanks :-))))
1. After choosing a topic, prepare a pro/con list. Make sure you treat each side of the issue fairly.
Example: Should the college continue ...view middle of the document...

Where else is there here for children and young teens to go?

2. After thinking, decide which side you believe has the most reasonable argument and state it: This is the beginning of your thesis statement.
The library should open itself to children and young teens during the evenings instead of the current policy of banning them even to the point of calling the local police.
3. Go back to your pro/con list. Choose your three best reasons from the list. Add them to your thesis statement (optional, but highly recommended).

Now you have a more detailed thesis statement:

The library should open itself to youth by having nightly educational programs each evening because it will enable more parents to attend evening class, it will promote needed literacy and it will keep children safe.
5. Decide how you will support each of your reasons. Here are common ways to support the  reasons in your argument:
A. Facts
B. statistics
C. inductive/deductive reasoning (your own logic).
D. Examples (personal or known and typical examples)
E. Scenarios ("What if" situations -- make sure they are actually possible and likely. For example a scenario that says "What if a Martian lands in your house and steals your cat " is not a likely or reasonable scenario to base an argument on). However, a possible scenario could be something like: Imagine having a criminal record because you hung out at the library when you were twelve. So, instead of going to the library, you end up at a house party where there are drugs and alcohol.
F. Expert opinion
Remember, when you use facts, statistics or expert opinions, you must use sources, cite them and make a Reference page.
6. Go back to your list and look at "the other side's reasons. Decide what you feel is the best objection the other side will have. Decide how to address the other side's point(s). You can refute the other side or accommodate it (meaning agree in part with it, but still say your opinion is the most reasonable overall).
7. Add the counterargument to your thesis (optional)
Now you have a complete thesis statement:

Even though there is a cost involved, the library should open itself to youth by having nightly educational programs each evening because it will enable more parents to attend evening class, it will promote needed literacy and it will keep children safe.
Now, you are ready to plan how you will present your argument. You have your reasons in your thesis statement. You know how you will address possible objections.
8.  Decide on an organization. Your strongest reasons should go near the beginning and near the end. Bury your weakest reason in the middle. Start and end strong.
Decide where to address the counterargument. If you believe that the other side's argument is very strong, address it in one of your first paragraphs. If it's not that important, it can go anywhere.
9. Write an introduction (We...

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