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Hello everyone , today I am going to talk about my hobby .Well , everyone have their own hobby and I do as well , some people like to read books , shopping , drawing , and mine is doing sports .Basketball is my favourite sport , it is mainly a 10 people teamwork sports .5 in each team and 5 in the other. The main purpose is to put the basketball in the basket. If you shoot before the 3pt line , it is a 2pt , no matter you layup or shoot the ball . If you shoot behind the 3pt line and you scored , you got 3pts! In a basketball game , the team who got the most points at the end of the game , it’s the winner (obviously). There are many rules in basketball ...view middle of the document...

In 1st form , I am just a little kid who go home after school everyday , not much social and totally sheet in sports . When I saw the student playing sports after school everyday , I think that they are just wasting time , why don’t they just use their time to revise. I think I am a nob , a complete nob before playing basketball , I revise all the time (but my exam results are really bad, I dunno why)
I got a friend called Dickson , he is my best friend at that time , we have lunch everyday , we always talk to each other . And he is the guy who bring me to play basketball. I remember that day was the day after we finished the exams , and it is a sunny day , he ask me that if I wanna go to play basketball with him , because I have time and I don’t have any thing to do , so I went to play with him .
And I dunno how to play basketball completely , so he teaches me how to play basketball and we play everyday. Half month passed , I love basketball , I addicted to it . I play everyday after school and every weekend . I play better and better , 2 years later , the year before I came uk to study , I was in the basketball team. But I didn’t play any matches for the school , its because I dont have time to play , I went to a vacation with my parents , so I missed it .
But anyway , basketball is a fun sports to play , try it with your friends .

Thanks you for listen to my boring talk about basketball . Have a good day !

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