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Basketball, At Least, How I Know It

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My name is Matt Sirkis and ill be your narrator through this journey into the great sport of basketball. At this point you’re probably expecting me to list my numerous achievements and credentials, in order to persuade you to believe that you should listen to my advice and incites, but in actually, I have no real achievements or credential, no championships under my belt, no all star appearances, and most of all no coaching experience. Basically I’m just the average basketball player that goes down to his local court when he gets off work early and plays with his fellow enthusiasts for a few hours. I played basketball for my high school for four years; one on the freshman team, one on ...view middle of the document...

The fault then lies in the player knowing when is a good time to pass the ball and when is a good time to keep it. If you’re a guard, you’re going to want to pass the ball ideally before the double team has you trapped on the sideline. If you play in the post when the opposing team doubles down, or worse triples down, on you, it time to kick it out to an open guard. A good basketball player should know when the pass in on the way to his hands, meaning before you get it, whether or not he is going to pass, dribble or shoot. If you find yourself not knowing what to do, pass. Many a basketball player has been seen caught with his feet in cement, holding the ball above his head, and looking around wide-eyed waiting for some signal from the heavens telling him, what to do. Try to avoid that. Another thing to keep in mind is that you never want to simply take on dribble in a direction and then pick up your dribble. Doing that doesn’t help you or your team in anyway and can often lead to the situation I just described. Like a leprechaun and his gold, your dribble is the most valuable thing you have.
The majority of the dribbling is done by the guards, however, if the situation calls for it, any man on the court should be able to put the ball on the floor and exhibit at least basic dribbling skills. Now you might be thinking, what are basic dribbling skills? If you can face your defender and go left, right, backwards, and forwards without having the ball stolen from you or losing control of the ball and having it roll out of bounds then you have basic dribbling skills. All of the crazy dribbles that you use on NBA Street are not necessary to be a very successful player, not to mention many of those dribbles would be whistled as illegal. I might as well mention that many of the insane dribbles that you see Hot Sauce do on the and 1 mixtape tour are also illegal and unnecessary. Not to take anything away from Hot Sauce, I find the things he does to his defenders nothing short of amazing. If you are one of the people that can do those crazy dribbles, more power t you, but you simply wont need them. The basic frontal crossover and through the legs crossover are two of the most effective ways of making your defender look dumb. I would recommend practicing those two crossovers. The faster you can do them the better. As a third crossover that you may also want to practice is the behind the back crossover. The key to yanking your defender is misdirection. Once you make the defender move one way, cross it over and go the other way. This is where the speed of you and your crossover comes into play. If your defender can move faster then you can cross the ball over then you will be unsuccessful. You can think of dribbling against a defender as a game of speed chess. The object is to make your opponent make a wrong move due to a split second decision allowing you to go by them. It’s a mind game. The coaches I had always told me, as yours...

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