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Baskin N Robbins Essay

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Few answrs on how to reach out to public and improve channel

1) find out local vendor for outsourcing to save on logistic cost.
2) Expensive/premium product should have outlets in leading malls.
3) tie ups with pizza hut or dominoes to save on space and have cross selling
4) not a market leader so try to adopt market leaders way of handling supply chain and logistics
5) more outlets in busy markets
6) try to target children and young population
try to reach through mails, flyers etc

There are hundreds of thousands of marketing intermediaries whose job it is to help move goods from the raw-material state to producers and ...view middle of the document...

Companies often outsource distribution to others.
BROKERS are marketing intermediaries who bring buyers and sellers together and assist in negotiating an exchange, but do not take title to the goods.
Intermediaries CREATE EXCHANGE EFFICIENCY by decreasing the number of contacts needed to establish marketing exchanges.
Not only are intermediaries more efficient, but they are more effective than manufacturers.
Intermediaries were often better at performing their functions than a manufacturer or consumer could be.
Recently, technology has made it possible for manufacturers to reach consumers much more efficiently.
Some manufacturers reach consumers directly on the Internet.
Retailers are now so closely linked with manufacturers that they can get delivery several times a day.
Wholesalers are not yet obsolete, but must change their functions to remain viable.
Some people think that if we could get rid of intermediaries, we could greatly reduce the cost of the things we buy.
The text uses the example of Fiberiffic to illustrate how marketing intermediaries facilitate the movement of goods.
Values discussed include: the value of not driving to Michigan to buy a box of cereal, the value of saving time, and effort by not having to drive to a wholesaler’s on the outskirts of town.
The text emphasizes three basic facts about intermediaries:
Someone else still has to perform the tasks.
Today many activities are being performed on the World Wide Web, and intermediaries ARE being eliminated.
UTILITY is an economic term for the value, or want-satisfying ability, that is added to goods or services by organizations because the products are made more useful or accessible to consumers.
FORM UTILITY consists of taking raw materials and changing their form so that they become useful products.
It is performed by producers; the other forms of utility (time, place, possession, and information) are performed by marketers.
TIME UTILITY—Intermediaries, such as retailers, add TIME UTILITY to products by making them available when they are needed.
PLACE UTILITY—Intermediaries add PLACE UTILITY to products by having them where people want them. CONCEPT CHECK
POSSESSION UTILITY—Intermediaries add POSSESSION UTILITY by doing whatever is...

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