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Batteries And Their Importance Essay

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Batteries and Their Importance We use batteries everyday, we use them to
start our cars and to listen to our Walkmans. I have a few questions:
How do batteries work? What are the different kinds of batteries

Batteries and Their Importance

We use batteries everyday, we use them to start our cars and
to listen to our Walkmans. I have a few questions: How do batteries
work? What are the different kinds of batteries? Why do they die? Why
do they lose energy when they are not used for a long time? Well I
tried my best to find the best answers for these questions and a
little more.

Battery, also called an electric cell, is a device that
converts chemical energy into electricity. ...view middle of the document...

When the cell is in use, atoms of the Zinc in the outer
case are oxidized, giving up electrons and forming zinc ions.

Zn - 2e ® Zn++

The electrons are lost by the zinc atoms then flow through the load
(the device being powered) and supply energy. They re-enter the cell
at the carbon rode that serves as the positive electrode. As this
series of events happen, the battery begins to lose pure zinc atoms,
and the battery starts to die. This type of cell gives about 1.5 volts
of energy. By connecting many cells in a series a rather high voltage
can be produced.

Another type of primary cell is the mercury cell. This cell
uses zinc as the negative electrode, mercury as the positive
electrode, and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. This cell gives
about 1.3 volts of electricity, and is used in hearing aids and
watches because the battery can be flattened.

Primary cells maintain a positive charge on the positive
terminal and a negative charge on the negative terminal, month after
month. These charges attract another and sometimes manage to get to
each other through the battery it self. When this happens the battery
loses some energy. This is why batteries lose energy if not used. It
is possible to slow this process down by refrigerating batteries.

Dry Cell Battery

The storage, or secondary cell, which can be recharged by
reversing the chemical reaction, was invented in 1859 by the French
physicist Gaston Plante. This invention was very crucial because it
would revolutionize cars. Instead of crank starts the lead-acid
battery was used. The lead-acid, which Plante invented is still the
same basic design today. The battery consists of six cells connected
in a series, and is used in automobiles. Its chief advantage is that
it can deliver a strong current of electricity (starting an engine),
however it runs down quickly. Each cell is made up of a number of
positive and negative plates, separated by thin layers of wood, hard
rubber, or plastic, called separators. All the positive plates are
connected to one strap, and all the negative plates are also connected
to one strap. The straps are connected to terminal posts, positive and
negative. Each of the...

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