Battle For Your Mind Essay

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Battle For Your Mind (3 of 8)
Series: The Battle Is The Lord's
Dr. Stan Coffey
II Corinthians 10:3-5


It is good to see you. If you have a copy of the word of God, I want you to take God's word and turn to Second Corinthians Chapter 10 and tonight we want to continue to think about the battle is the Lord's. We are thinking about spiritual warfare.

I don't know about you but I am in a battle. Amen? I suspect you are too if you are a believer. Somebody said if you hadn't met the devil, you are probably going the same direction he is. Amen?

So if you are going toward God, you are going to have the devil ...view middle of the document...

Now when the Bible says the weapons of warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong hold, a strong hold is a citadel or a fortress and the Bible is telling us that the devil wants to come into our mind and he wants to set up a base of operation. He wants to set up a fortress.

From that fortress once he gets a foothold in our mind then he moves into other areas of our mind. Now I don't have to tell you tonight you've been taught this in school, you've been taught it in sales training, you've been taught it in so many ways that attitude is more important than fact.

And the Bible confirms that because the Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, "AS A MAN THINKETH IN HIS HEART, SO IS HE." And so the devil wants to get in control of your mind. He wants to get in control of your thought process.

He wants to get into your mind and establish a beachhead or a fortress and from that base of operation begin to control every area of your life. So your mind is a stronghold and it is a focal point of a strategic war between God and the devil.

Now Jesus said that we are to love the Lord our God with all our mind, all our soul and all our strength. And in the Bible many times the word translated mind and the word translated heart is exactly the same word.

Many times it is that Greek word "cardia" and it is talking about the seat of our emotion. It is talking about mind, our emotion, and our will that with which we relate to God.

And so we are a tricotimus person, we are body, we are soul, we are spirit, but our mind is a great part of our spiritual being. Now as you think about this tonight then and if you want to take some notes, I want to talk about four things.

I want you to look at Second Corinthians 11, just go to the next chapter, and look at verse 3 and notice he said, "BUT I FEAR, LEST BY ANY MEANS, AS THE SERPENT BEGUILED EVE THROUGH HIS SUBTILITY, SO YOUR MINDS SHOULD BE CORRUPTED FROM THE SIMPLICITY THAT IS IN CHRIST."

Now Paul is talking to the Corinthians who were carnal. I talked this morning about the problem of the carnal Christian, the Christian who is saved and yet he is not under control of his spirit. He is living life in the energy of the flesh and that is what Paul is saying.

He is saying you have allowed your mind to become carnal and your thinking to become carnal. You have allowed Satan through his subtlety to come in and to corrupt your mind.

So Satan wants to do three things. His desire is to capture your mind, then corrupt your mind, and then finally to control your mind. So that is Satan's desire.

Now the second thing is Satan's devices and I want you to go back to Second Corinthians 4 and I want us to look at verse 4 because the Bible tells us exactly how Satan works and what his battle plan is.

IF we realize what his battle plan is then many times it helps us to understand what is going on in our life in a spiritual sense.

Verse 4 says, "IN...

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