Baudelaire's "Hymn To Beauty" Vs. Rimbaud's "Drunken Boat"

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Reading the poem entitled Hymn to Beauty by Baudelaire, I picked up on some familiar characteristics that I myself find in some of my random writings I do in my spare time. I often think of a simple subject to focus my thoughts on; sometimes these subjects being complex but often I find at the end of my writings, they have begun with no specific subject, but something brings it all together in the end and many times, they can be boiled down to one specific word or idead. Baudelaire chose to write about beauty.Now, when I read this poem, I didn't move on to read the next one because I think that poetry needs to be analyzed deeply without outside distraction. In this case, I figured that ...view middle of the document...

Socrates would educate his students and pretty much anyone else that would listen to him, by asking them a series of questions. These were precise questions; questions aimed not to immediately bring the student to a conclusion or any specific thought. Socrates would ask someone a basic question about politics or some other topic particularly irrelevant to this assignment. Then he would question his student why they think what they think and later, throw in some opposing idea regarding the same idea not to contradict or confuse the student, but to broaden their perspective of that view and I see this method vaguely emerging in this poem. Beauty is not a thing or a person one may be able to ask questions to. Therefore, Mr. Baudelaire is personifying beauty as if it were any other average human being but while he speaks of how positive beauty is, brings up strong points about beauty can work in a negative way. He asks where beauty comes from. Does beauty come from heaven or hell? Beauty to me is a god given thing but it has negative connotations as well. Beauty, throughout time, has been known to be attractive but very dangerous as well. Beauty brings upon jealousy, which brings upon hatred and, in some cases violence, but yet everyone desires to be beautiful. I believe Baudelaire questions beauty in this piece because he is looking for an understanding of it. He wants to know why beauty is so desirable in human nature but he also wants to know why it can condemn one to do commit such outrageous acts. Baudelaire is simply questioning why an idea, as simple as it is, can bring forth so much controversy, violence, and bare emotion. I believe his method or portraying his confusion is strong and universal. I believe anyone can read this particular work, and identify with it. If one is to identify with it, he/she too, will question what beauty is and why beauty can bring out the best of something or the worst.Drunken Boat: After reading this piece, I was reminded of the poetry of the late Jim Morrison. It seems, as though Arthur Rimbaud had a duel with a potent bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage or maybe some absinthe and lost. If I am on the right track, he got in a small boat as drunk as can be, and he floated around describing his experience,...

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