Bd Asiatic Society Essay

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Awfm›`‡f©i wk‡ivbvg (Title) I iƒc‡iLv (Synopsis)|

wk‡ivbvg (Title) t Ávb PP©vq evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi f~wgKv
Synopsis (iƒc‡iLv)
1. cÖ¯Ívebv (Introduction) t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU GKwU AivR‰bwZK Ges AjvfRbK cÖwZôvb ‡hwU Society Act of 1864 Ges NGO Bureau KZ©…K ‡iwR‡÷«kbK…Z| Gwkqv msµvšÍ Ávb PP©vi Øvi D‡¤§vPb Kivi Rb¨ wek¦weL¨vZ Archaeologist Avng` `vwbi ‡bZ…‡Z¡ 1952 mv‡j Asiatic Society of Pakistan MwVZ nq| GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU MV‡b Wt gynv¤§` kwn`yjøvn, Wt G we Gg nweeyjøvn, gynv¤§` Avãyj nvwj‡gi b¨vq weL¨vZ cwÛZ‡`i Ae`vb wQj Awe¯§iYxq| evsjv‡`‡ki ¯^vaxbZvi ci 1972 mv‡j cvwK¯’vb GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi cwie‡Z© evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU bvgKib Kiv nq| ZLb ‡_‡K ...view middle of the document...

evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi GKwU mg…× jvB‡eªix i‡q‡Q| jvB‡eªixUv Gwkqv, `w¶b Gwkqv we‡klZt evsjv‡`‡ki gvbyl, BwZnvm I ivRbxwZ m¤ú‡K© ¸iæZ¡c~Y© M‡elYvKg© Øviv mg…×|
evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi me‡P‡q eo Ae`vb nj evsjv‡`‡ki mgvR, BwZnvm, ivRbxwZ, A_©bxwZ, mvwnZ¨, weÁvb BZ¨vw` m¤úwK©Z 10 L‡Ûi evsjvwcwWqv| cÖvq 1300 M‡el‡Ki 6600 cÖe‡Üi mgbœ‡q evsjvwcwWqv iwPZ| evsjvwcwWqvi Bs‡iwR, evsjv fvm©‡bi cvkvcvwk AbjvBb fvm©b I i‡q‡Q|
evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU m¤ú‡K© wewfbœ HwZnvwmKMY wewfbœ HwZnvwmK Z_¨ Zz‡j a‡i‡Qb| eZ©gvb mg‡q welqwU AZ¨šÍ Av‡jvwPZ I ¸iæZ¡c~Y© nIqv m‡Ë¡I G wel‡q mwVK Ges c~Y©v½ †Kvb cy¯ÍK A_ev M‡elYvKg© GL‡bv †`Lv hvqwb| A_P evsjv‡`‡ki mgvR, ivRbxwZ, ms¯‹…wZ, mvwnZ¨, weÁvb mn Ávb-weÁv‡bi mKj kvLvq evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi Ae`vb Awe¯§iYxq| Avi G cÖ‡qvR‡bi K_v we‡ePbv K‡iB welqwU wb‡q M‡elYv Kivi cÖqvm cvB|

2. D‡Ïk¨ (Purpose) t cÖ¯ÍvweZ M‡elYvK‡g©i D‡Ïk¨ n‡”Q evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi cÖwZôvi †cÖ¶vcU, D‡Ïk¨ I eZ©gv‡b evsjv‡`‡ki BwZnvm PP©vq GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi hyMvšÍKvix f~wgKv Zy‡j aiv|

3. cwiwa (Scope) t g~j M‡elYvi welqe¯Í ÒÁvb PP©vq evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi f~wgKvÓ n‡jI GLv‡b cvwicvwk¦©K I cÖvmw½K welq wn‡m‡e ‡mvmvBwUi DrcwË, µgweKvk I eZ©gvb mg‡q ‡mvmvBwU KZ©…K cÖKvwkZ wewfbœ cÖeÜ, M‡elYv Kg©, ‡mwgbvi- wm‡¤úvwRqvg, cKvkbv Ges ‡mvmvBwUi mg…× jvB‡eªixi eY©bv cÖ`vb K‡i evsjv‡`‡ki BwZnvm iPbvq ‡mvmvBwUi ¸iæZ¡ Zz‡j aivi cÖ‡qvRbxqZv Abyfe Kwi|

4. M‡elYv c×wZ (Research Methodology) t M‡elYvi D‡Ïk¨ n‡jv †Kvb wKQy‡K bZzb fv‡e Avwe¯‹vi K‡i Zv MÖnYxq ch©v‡q wb‡q Avmv hvi Øviv wk¶v_x©iv DcK…Z n‡Z cv‡i|

GB M‡elYvK‡g© ¯^xK…Z M‡elYv c×wZ AbymiY Kiv n‡e| M‡elYvi A‡bK c×wZ i‡q‡Q| weÁvb I cwimsL¨vb Gi Rb¨ GKiKg M‡elYv c×wZ Avi Kjv wel‡qi Rb¨ Ab¨iKg M‡elYv c×wZ AbymiY Kiv nq| Avi Av‡jvP¨ M‡elYvKg©wU Kjv wel‡qi nIqvq GwU‡Z ch©v‡jvPbv, m‡iRwgb cwi`k©b I mv¶vrKvi c×wZ AbymiY Kiv n‡e| A_©vr M‡elYvK‡g© wb‡gœv³ ai‡bi Dci ¸iæZ¡ †`qv n‡e t-
1. MÖš’cvV ; ch©v‡jvPbv
2. m‡iRwgb cwi`k©b
3. mv¶vrKvi c×wZ
4. Teacher’s lecture

5. MVb cwiKíbv (Proposed Structure) t cÖ¯ÍvweZ Awfm›`f©wU wb‡gœv³ cwiKíbv Abymv‡i MVb Kiv n‡e|

cÖ_g Aa¨vq t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi cwiwPwZ|

2q Aa¨vqt evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi wewfbœ cÖKvkbv I M‡elYv Kg©|
1g cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi jvB‡eªix |
2q cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi wewfbœ cÖKvkbv mgyn|
3q cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi M‡elYvg~jK cÖeÜ mgyn|
4_© cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU KZ©…K wewfbœ A‡ji Dci cÖKvwkZ AvÂwjK M‡elYv Kg©|
5g cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi bZyb bZyb M‡elK ‰Zwii cÖ‡Póv|
6ô cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU KZ©…K cÖKvwkZ cwÎKv|
7g cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU KZ©…K cÖKvwkZ wewfbœ cyw¯ÍKv|
8g cwi‡”Q` t evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwU KZ©…K Av‡qvwRZ wewfbœ ‡mwgbvi I wm‡¤úvwRqvg|

3q Aa¨vq t Ávb PP©vq evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi f~wgKv

4_© Aa¨vq t BwZnvm PP©vq evsjv‡`k GwkqvwUK ‡mvmvBwUi f~wgKv

5g Aa¨vq t Dcmsnvi


6| cÖv_wgK Drm (Primary Source) t

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