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Be A Better Nco Essay

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I understand that my actions as of late are not becoming of a Non Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army and definitely not one of that that is in the position that I’m in now. One that seeks to become a Special Forces weapons sergeant. Because of my recent, and apparent lack of discipline the way in which my peers view me have gone well below satisfactory. The main reason for this perception is because of my test scores. They believe that the reason my test scores are the way they are is because of my lack of motivation in this course. I didn’t, at first, agree with what they had said but sometimes an outside perspective is needed to make you realize where you may be lacking. I was, and am, well aware of the fact that I had failed my tests. What I was failing to realize was that it ...view middle of the document...

Something that may seem as trivial as tests, whether failed or not may very well be the deciding factor in you, or more importantly, your men’s life’s. I’m here to become proficient at the job of an SF weapons sergeant so I can be an asset to a team and train them, as well as train soldiers from army’s and people of other nations and tribes, people we will have to rely on. If I’m not proficient at my job, if I become complacent now then how can I be an asset?
They say nobody plans to fail just fails to plan. I believe that this is what I have failed to do. I came into this portion of the coarse thinking “I was good” this made me became complacent. When I started to slip, to fail, I let that pressure get to me and I thought that I had let it go, but I didn’t. I need to do now what I should have been doing some time ago which recognizing these things and realize what is important to me, this coarse and my future as an SF solider. I need to refine and reorganize my study habits and my actions as an NCO. I plan utilize the time I have to study and methods of studying which can start by simply separating myself from distractions which could be as simple as going to the library and finding some classmates to come with. Also I plan to take a more active role as an NCO, being more proactive starting with my studies.
I’ve always been told not to care too much about what other’s think. Not to let the opinions of others compromise you as a person because all that does is bring you down and weigh at your confidence and lower it. Once your self-confidence goes getting it back is like bringing someone back to life, they may come back but they probably will never recover. You do need to be aware of how others perceive you, especially in this line of work. They have to know that they can depend on you when the time comes and like-wise.

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