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The true definition of professionalism is the professional character, spirits, or methods in oneself. The lack of professionalism can hinder a working environment, a friendship, and most of all military relationship. The lack of professionalism, relating to the military, the soldier that said the wrong words or actions, could have the lost of respect from the higher NCO or Officer. By that, the lack of professionalism that a soldier has can really hold him back in pursuing higher rank or further career in the military. For example, if you had a good NCO that had high expectations for you and you show the lack of professionalism, that NCO isn’t going to refer you for ...view middle of the document...

Professionalism is more of self-discipline than anything else, because it doesn’t matter what rank a customer is, and if he disrespects you, you still have to be professional as possible. And to have that military bearing to with hold your language and respect that soldier for his rank. Because I was told when I first got here that you don’t have to respect a soldier for himself but for his rank that he earned. But the army is losing its military bearing by itself, but why is that. If soldiers are suppose to have military bearing/ professionalism then why don’t they give us the same respect/professionalism that we try so hard to give them. But I have learned that isn’t not the army, it’s the soldiers around you that try to build you or break you down. Either they can help yourself become better with your professionalism, or they can just let as is. But the professionalism is all about you and how hard do you want to become better. Because if you try to become better every day, then that shows your customers that your NCO’s really take the time to help you get better. Then if you disrespect a high ranking soldier, that shows that your NCO’s don’t care about how their soldiers are seen and that they don’t take the time to show their soldiers how to be better and to do the right thing. So basically you’re showing the customer that your NCO is a bad leader and a bad NCO. So we as young soldiers have to be accountable to be professional as possible. In the army today, soldiers are forgetting to be professional, all soldiers these days care about is how high their rank is, and if they have priority over other soldiers. But even if you are professional most of the time, it’s how you carry yourself or present yourself when something is falling apart and you don’t have any control over it. It’s that one time that you forget to be professional, or that one time that you just do the wrong thing, and everyone hypes on and they try so hard to bring you down. So soldiers always need to be professional and respectful as possible so that they can proceed as an individual in the army. Professionalism will get you as far you want to go in your military career. If the soldiers would be more professional then the senior NCO’s and Officers wouldn’t have to worry about counseling soldiers or they don’t have worry about the look of the mission or section from other senior NCO’s and Officers. Then the NCO’s and Officers could do a successful mission and go home. Professionalism is a big issue in the army because people are just joining to get out of debt or just out of trouble and then they bring it into the military. The biggest reason to be professional as possible is because we’re in charge of life and death of people, of nations! We’re in charge of people’s survival and well-being. So if we couldn’t be professional in the war then we can cost someone’s life that could have been saved and they couldn’t come home...

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