Be The Pioneers Of Change Essay

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The era of twenty-first century. Techno-savvy enlightened people. Active, alert, rationalist citizen, who is not ready anymore to tolerate the imbroglio in their respected countries. There is misgovernance across countries like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Sudan. Revolutions are all around the globe. The intrepid fighter is on the road asking for his rights. The seethe in his heart has started to show up now. He is transigent now to seeking change. And India being the largest democracy is no exception to this. The state is corruption stricken, inflation is at its peak, women’s safety is at stake, misgovernance in every sector, discrimination, violence, and the list goes on- the Indian citizen ...view middle of the document...

A problem can be completely uprooted by studying its grass root level and changing it. When the leaves of a tree get dry, we never water them! Instead, we water the roots of the tree because when the roots are strong, so shall the tree be. In the same way, to put a halt to the travesty of Indian democracy, the revolution has to be initiated at the grass root level. Every individual has to resolutionize to himself to work with an honest intention to serve the nation. We have to resolutionize to respect every woman; to work honestly; to not let go the blood, toil and tears of our freedom fighters in vain; to perform one’s duty in good faith; to ask the state for his rights. It’s been time since we are toying with the theories of democracy in India. A citizen’s duty does not end when he goes out every five years and castes his vote. We have synonymized democracy with elections, but that is not true. An effective and efficient democracy would be when every individual, every individual would contribute in the progress of the nation with an honest intention and not be dependent on the politicians. The common man has to stop blaming the authorities every time. Instead, he must take steps himself to bust the problems he is facing. Do you feel sorry about the condition of women in this society? And so you blame the authorities every time...

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