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Beaches Essay

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The beach is a delightful place to go for peace and to unwind. It is a place where I can stroll and frolic, within the ivory grainy sand. Tingling my feet as they sink into the scorching sand. The dunes scattered on the beach, looking like camel humps. The sun rays beating down on my smoldering red skin. Surveying the blue and green jungle with people floating in the water. Splashing ...view middle of the document...

The light breeze of the wind passing by. The sound of seagulls fluttering close by, feeding from the waters nearby. Playing volleyball is amusing, but surfing is an ulimate high on the beach. The dark, mysterious moon shines down on the shimmering calm waters. the relection making a glow in the sky. the sand cold and damp, on your feet. The rough washed up shells crunching under you feet. the water dark blue and the sky is gray. It is slient and peacful, no sound but the gentle waves. The feint smell of salty water in the air. The air is a little colder and the breeze picks up speed. At night the beach seems so magical, as the twinkling stars over head beams down. I feel as if i can sleep rigth their on the beach and feel so safe. In the winter the beach is nippy and bare. Nobody wants to go, not a single soul.The ocean looks dark and lonely. The sun trying to peek through te overbearing clouds.Wind blows stronger and faster. I hear the ocean washing up on the shore. Wanting winter to pass, because it makes me melencholy.

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