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Beauty Treatments Essay

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Fat too much attention is given to beauty products and treatments. Do you agree??

In the modern world where body image plays a significant role in the eyes of the public. More people has now placed more attention to their personal appearance. As such, many resort to forking out large sum of money on beauty products and treatments. For some people, this has been done to the extent of putting their health at risk. So here comes the question: “Far too much attention has been given to beauty products and treatments. Do you agree?? I personally agree with this stand.

Firstly, whether in the workplace or school, peer pressure is one of the most significant influence on the attention given to beauty products and treatments. Appearance that is deemed unacceptable to the social norms or perceived to be “ugly” will always be hot topics of gossips and discussions among peers. This subsequently evoke feeling of disappointment among people who ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, celebrities and pop stars can also make a significant influence on the attention given to beauty products and treatments advertisements of certain beauty products and treatments which are promoted by celebrities would cause a rush among young people to purchase them especially in a frantic manner. Hence, they would be also prompt to pay more attention to beauty products and treatments in order to imitate their idol celebrities, resulting in excessive attention being given to beauty products and treatments. For instance, when Hong Kong famous pop star Linda Chung is advertising for the bio-essence skin treatment lotion cream has arouse the fascination of some of her fans for the skin treatment product.

On the flip side of the coin, the advancement of the media in recent days have helped to control the sales of the beauty products and treatments by creating public awareness of the side-effects of these beauty products and treatments. Of which, complaints from customers who have suffered from the side-effects of these beauty products and treatments began to surface and circulate on newspaper and internet within a short time. This has adversely affected the attention that is being given to beauty products and treatments as people are now more fully aware of what they might expect if they bought them more than what is required. For instance, in September 2006, reports of a customer complaining of SK-2 products causing allergic dermatitis and eczema has caused sales of SK-2 products to dip and losses to accumulate subsequently. This clearly reflects the impact of media on the attention of beauty products and treatments. However, the media not only control the sales of the beauty products and treatments, it also play a role in promoting the sales of useful beauty products and treatments and encourage people to buy from them. In addition, the media is not only a factor that influence how much attention is being given to beauty products, peer pressure and celebrity loyalty also play a big role in this area as well.

As far as I am concerned, beauty products and treatments have been given far too much attention despite the fact that media can help to control the attention given to beauty products and treatments.

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