Because I Am Beautiful Essay

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Because I am Beautiful
As I sat in class and listened to the instructions of the assignment, it took me back down memory lane. I reflected to a time in life when, “Let’s just call her ugly” was the thought of the day. Being seen as an (only child) average eight year old was the way I was perceived, however, I was anything but that. My mother (a single parent) and I lived in a one bedroom apartment (she of course slept in the bedroom) where I slept in the living. I had become accustom to a life style of oneness. You see my mother worked long hours, and back in those days many kids where left unattended.

I can remember the scene as if it were yesterday. It was early evening ...view middle of the document...

All of a sudden I drew back as far as I could and BOOM! I hit her! Glass from the mirror shattered everywhere---that will teach you to call me ugly. She was gone; I had gotten rid of her once and for all. That will teach her to call me ugly. Then reality set in, how was I going to explain this to my mother?

Fear gripped my heart as if it were about to jump out of my chest. I know, I would tell her that my cousin stopped by and surly he must have done it. He was known for getting into all sorts of trouble. Mother arrived home from work, and let me tell you she was as mean as they come. She went straight into the bedroom, I sat there on my roll away bed in the living room afraid to breathe. She screamed my name to the top of her voice, “CYNTHIA” she yelled! I could not breathe; I jumped up so fast I thought I had wet my pant. Yes mother I replied, “What the hell happened to my mirror?” she asked. Just as I had rehearsed in my mind, the lie was born.

Casey did it! He was here and he broke the mirror. Mother was furious. She knew Casey was at grandmother’s...

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