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Becoming A Federal Agent Essay

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Guide to becoming a Federal Agent

Three out of every five people that apply to a federal agency will not be accepted into that agency. This is due to the amount of preparation people put into the application process and also due to what that person has done in their life up to this part. Not only are you trying to make it through the weeding out process but you must also make yourself marketable, for at anytime you could be competing for a job with only thirty openings, yet there are two hundred people applying for the same job. Even though the process can be difficult, if you prepare correctly, you can speed up the process and will not be as much of a burden. The hardest part of this ...view middle of the document...

Most of the agencies also require that you have a bachelor’s degree and at least four years in that specific field of study. Most agents in law enforcement agencies are former police officers and ex military. So when you are looking for jobs to help strengthen your resume look into such jobs as police officers or joining the military. Doing this also can help you get a top secret security clearance, depending on what you are doing, which will make them more interested in and give you a better edge on the competition. You must also be physically fit to join any federal law enforcement agency; each agency has a physical fitness test that you must pass before being accepted. For most of the agencies the physical fitness test are similar with a few tweaks here and there. For instance for the Federal Bureau of Investigation their fitness test is divided into four different sections, in this order; a maximum number of sit-ups completed in one minute, a timed three hundred meter sprint, a maximum number of push-ups completed (untimed), and a time one and one-half mile run. You also, except for certain circumstances, must not possess any disabilities, for these agencies need you to be able to work on all cylinders at any time and place. This is why all agencies administer a hearing test, a vision test, and finish with a complete medical exam, looking at all past and current medical issues, which is why you must always take good care of yourself.
Another thing that these looking for and look into when choosing applicants is their current and past drug history. Most of the agencies require that you have been drug free for at least twelve months and even then they look into any and every drug that you have ever taken. That is why it is good to steer clear of all drugs because certain ones will immediately disqualify you from the application process. You may be asking yourself well how they would know, which brings myself to the next requirement in the application process, the polygraph test. With the polygraph test, each agency will go through asking each candidate a series of questions ranging from what their name is all the way to if suicidal thoughts. Any and all questions that they are wondering about will be asked during this test, which is where most of the candidates are dropped from the application process, due to violations of requirements and also due to deception during the interview and polygraph test....

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